11 Stats That Every Indian Digital Marketer Should Know About Indian Social, Digital And Mobile Market

We are social has released a report of the Indian social, digital and mobile market which is a must for the Indian marketers


 We Are Social in its latest report – Social, Digital and Mobile in India 2014 has highlighted some very interesting stats that we think every Indian digital marketer should be aware of. The Singapore based digital agency known for its APAC reports, states that social media use in the country is growing with Facebook alone adding 16 million new users since January – that’s roughly one new user every second. According to the social networking giant it has more than 100M active monthly users in the country.

Listed below are 11 important stats that every Indian digital marketer should bookmark:

1. Out of 1256M population, 243M internet users (19%), 106M active social media users (8%) and 886M active mobile subscriptions (70%)

Internet users in India 2014

2. Social Media penetration 8% and mobile social penetration 7%

Indian Internet users 2014

3. 185M total number of active mobile internet users making it 15% of the total population

Indian mobile users 2014

4. Average internet speed is 1.7 MBPS below the global average and penetration of broadband (greater than 4 MBPS) is 4.9%

internet penetration India

5. Average time people spend on internet through any device is more than 4 hours and average time users spend on social media is 2 hours and five minutes

Indian avg time spent on internet

6. India has 92M active mobile social media users making it 7% of mobile social users as a percentage of total population

Indian social media use mobile

7. Facebook is the top social media platform, followed by Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. However the percentage of users using Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn is not encouraging

Indian social media users 2014

8. 66M Facebook users access the network via smartphones and another 30M access it via feature phones

Facebook India users

9. 349M  unique mobile phone users and 886M total number of active mobile connections

mobile in india 2014

10. 13% smartphone penetration  as a percentage  of the total population. Out of which 54% users have made a purchase via their smartphone

smartphone india users

11. 11% social media apps, 16% stream video, and 7% use for banking or finance apps of the total population

indian user actvities on mobile

Find out the entire report with much more detailed analysis at SlideShare.