Indian Smartphone Users Spent Over 2.5 Hours Daily On Their Devices In 2013: Nielsen Mobile Insights

Acc to Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, In 2013 Indians spent 156 minutes (or 2.6 hours) on their devices with music listening dominating their mobile activities.



In the last few days we have been harping on two things majorly – 1. Rampant proliferation of mobile in the country, and 2. Increase in activities by mobile users. Strengthening the two thoughts, we now have Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights of 2013, which reveals insights about entertainment consumption on the smartphone in emerging Asia, to back us.

According to the report, in terms of the total time spent on smartphones on a daily basis in 2013, India came in second last with its smartphone users spending 156 minutes (or 2.6 hours) on their devices. Malaysia led the pack with 213 minutes (or over 3.5 hours), while Thailand came in second with 190 minutes (over 3 hours).

The study was carried on 12,000 smartphone users across five Asian countries including India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. A majority of these (8,000 or 68 percent) came from India.

Detailing out the process of how the activity patterns were measured, Nielsen installed a meter in all the smarphones which captured call patterns, browsing habits, game popularity, application install and usage, all in real time.

Some of the interesting facts from the Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights study:

1. In countries like India and the Philippines, less than a fifth of the population owns a smartphone leaving plenty of room for growth. Though India was tagged as the world’s fastest growing smartphone country last quarter of 2013, feature phones still dominate the market. With 80% of population having smartphones, Malaysia is at the top.

2. Indians with 8 mins per day are highly engaged on music and Malaysians with 9 mins per day are more engaged on video apps.

3. When it came to engagement on entertainment on their smartphones, Indians are more inclined towards multimedia in comparison to games. Indian smartphone users spent a total of 33 minutes on entertainment daily in 2013, out of which 23 minutes (or 69 per cent) was spent on multimedia.

Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights Asia report 2013

The recent tie up of telecom operator Idea Cellular with Gameloft, a global publisher of digital and social games, is also a move in the same direction to grow a gaming culture in the country.

However it is the extreme opposite in rest of the four Asian countries where games are preferred. Thailand leads by 47 minutes per day followed by Malaysians spending 44 minutes.

In a recent report, Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB stated that the number of online user visits to mobile segment has gone up from 6.31 million in January 2013 to 20.70 million in January 2014, registering a Year on Year (YoY) growth of 228 percent.