Indian Schools Imparting Lessons About Social Media

About Indian Schools imparting lessons on Social Media to the younger generation

According to Times of India, Bangalore, Indian schools have started taking social media seriously. The news daily reports that several schools are educating the positive and negatives of the social networking sites to the younger generation. The knowledge sharing is not only restricted to the usage of social networking sites but the schools are updating students about cyber bullying, sexual predators, online privacy, etc. via several monthly sessions by leading experts.

Though the move is in its very nascent stages but schools are using videos to show case the problems that are arising with social media sites. Sarojini Rao, principal, Indus International School adds more to it,

“We tell children about how to use networking sites responsibly, how to communicate personal information, and crime that arises out of immature handling of these sites. Children are easy prey to cyber bullies too. We tell them how these sites could prove more dangerous than pornography.”

There are few other schools that are following this model and I believe that this should be the way forward.

Is it the right way forward?

Today social media is a part of our life and the maximum portion of the social media sites are occupied by the younger generation. At one end when social media has given us power and freedom, at the other end it also has examples where it is being misused. So rather than blocking the technology we need to educate the younger generation.

Not only should the students be educated on how they should behave on social networking sites and about the security issues, I think along with this educational bodies should also share knowledge on how social media sites could be used for their education too. Right now the process is one side affair but the need is to show the negatives as well as how the technology could be used in a positive way other than having fun on networks.

Technology could be used in a positive manner upon knowing its boundaries.

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