13 Charts Define Online Marketing Strategies In 2015 By Indian Retailers

OctaneGo.com along with Retailers Association of India released Indian Retail eMarketing study 2015. We pull 13 charts that show online strategies of retailers.

77% retailers voted social media as the most prevalent channel for customer engagement followed by Email Marketing and SMS - these findings are a part of the 3rd annual Retail e-Marketing study done by OctaneGo.com along with Retailers Association of India (RAI), the unified voice of Indian retailers.

The extensive Indian Retail e-Marketing study has been prepared by the ardent participation from more than 80+ retailers across India. The data was collected over a period of 30 days from 20th April to 19th May 2015, comprising responses from the industry rule setters to budding startups operating as Single or Multi brands in online and offline domains. The study encompasses feedback and opinion from 63% of senior managers which includes CXOs, Directors and VPs.

Listed below are the key data charts that define the online marketing strategies adopted by Indian retailers in 2015.

1. 44% of the Indian Retailers use mix of both online and offline marketing activities

2. 77% retailers voted social media as the most prevalent channel for customer engagement with Email Marketing and SMS

3. 77% still prefer Print Promotion when it comes to offline advertising

4. 74% Retailers want to increase their investment on social media followed by Email Marketing

5. 57% of Retailers want to increase investment on Print followed by On Ground Events (45%)

6. 57% Retailers feel that Email Marketing is very important for engagement

7. 91% Retailers send less than one email in a week to avoid consumer backlash

8. 41% Retailers use responsive emails and websites

9. Facebook followed by Twitter are preferred social networks for engagement

10. 95% of Indian Retail find mobile important for marketing communication

11. 97% consider a mobile app to be important, 29% already have one

12. 48% have allocated more than 10% budget for online

13. 72% with turnover of Rs20 - Rs100 crore generate more than 30% revenue from online