Ahead Of The Rail Budget, Indian Railway Ministry Joins Facebook, Twitter And YouTube

On the eve of the Rail Budget under the present government of NDA, The Railway Ministry has joined Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Indian Railway Ministry Facebook

On the eve of the Rail Budget under the present government of NDA, the Railway Ministry has joined social media – a step forward in today’s times. The Railway Ministry under the leadership of D V Sadananda Gowda has opened up its presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Facebook and Twitter pages have already gained a sizeable fan following. Both the networks for now have the same information with updates that include today’s social media launch event.

At the same time the video social network, YouTube has uploaded quite a few videos which are informative for people traveling via the Indian Railways.

Additionally, Railways will also launch a new number — 022-4501555 — tomorrow where people can dial in and listen to the rail budget. With Twitter becoming active, most probably the account would also live tweet the first budget of Narendra Modi’s government.

Speaking on the new move, the Railway Minister shared that it is PM Modi’s vision and the objective is to disseminate information quickly. “Tomorrow we are going to present the Rail Budget. As soon as the budget is presented, all information will appear on Twitter and Facebook,” he said.

The news just adds up to the efforts of the NDA government which is making each and every ministry social media equipped. Earlier we reported on how Indian Finance and Defence ministries are all gearing up to join the medium in an effort to share knowledge and reach out to netizens for ideas.