Indian Officials To Be Trained On Social Media In UK

Indian Officials To Be Trained On Social Media In UK

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One can feel the intensity and seriousness of the Government with regards to Social Media when you read the article that was published yesterday by IBNLive. Even if you are not bothered to read it then let me do the needful. According to the IBNLive, Union Information and Broadcasting ministry has sent a batch of eleven officers to United Kingdom for being trained on Social Media by the Thomson University. A two week training program has been arranged for a batch that comprises of Indian Information Services (IIS) officers and some of the officials from the I and B ministry.  Apart from Thomson University, the Australian National University, Canberra has also imparted similar courses for government officials in the past. On the face it is good news and the Government definitely has shown positive sign of adopting social media along with some strange decisions that it has also taken of late.

The latest move to send a bunch of officials for Social Media training to UK is positive. Last year we had seen quite a bit of government presence on social media specially Facebook but it was nothing more than a courtesy kind of a service. For example lets consider the Facebook fan page, which has 633 fans, but then only 6 is talking to them. Reason being the presence that is created is a mere creation with zero community engagement. The page is a junkyard of links with no conversation happening.  Apart from this, there are few more which depict the similar story on social media that clearly indicates the failure of government officials to understand the networks.

However saying that last year we also saw the I and B Ministry working on the Social Media draft, which I thought, was a positive move in the direction.  We all know that of late the government has been very proactive in improving its online presence and yes the government was caught napping during the IAC movement but then it is making every possible move to catch up.  One such news was shared yesterday at Pluggdin, which reported on how the Twitter account of PMO was tweeting and asking for suggestions and trying to enroll in discussions from the tweeps to share their thoughts on the 12th Planning Commission. Though it is very clear how many of such suggestions are likely to be considered but then it is a commendable job at least as there is an effort to do so.

But one question that comes very sharply into my thought process is then why didn’t the government use our homegrown social media training houses that are doing a pretty good job in training vast variety of people and businesses. Doesn’t make any sense to me, does it make to you?

So going further, let’s hope that the social media presence of governments can see some improvements. Same time lets also wish that the government at least starts listening to us online and use social media effectively rather than trying to curb it.

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