A Supposedly Fake Twitter Handle ‘Indian Mujahidin’ Warns Mumbai Is the Next Target After Bodh Gaya Blasts

Indian Mujahideen uses Twitter as their latest communication medium. Though it is being said that the account could be fake but it has tweeted that Mumbai is their Next Target after Bodh Gaya blasts.

What do you do when your enemy starts using the same communication channel that you are using, was one of the questions that was raised during the India Today Conclave earlier during the year. The question was for Aziza Ahmed representing the liberal belief of the Bangladeshi youth. Agreeing that this is the current challenge threatening their movement, where representatives of Zamat had also chosen social media to  label their liberal struggle as anti-Muslim, Aziza added that they have no option but to fight them over social media and in doing so most of the times the real essence of the fight is lost.

The same question is now being posed to the National Investigation Agency or NIA, which is probing Sunday’s multiple blasts in Bodh Gaya after the Indian Mujahideen or IM tweeted that their next attack would be Mumbai.

The account which was active yesterday, is inactive now and my guess is that the account might have been pulled out by Twitter. And investigators are saying that there are good chances the Twitter account is fake, so not much importance is being attached to it.

But according to Press Trust Of India, Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad has tightened security in the city even though the department believes that the account could be a fake one. The official from the department added that:

“All the officers of the ATS have been instructed to be alert and the city police has been asked to ensure tight security.”

The Twitter handle came into light hours after the Sunday serial blasts at the Mahabodhi temple in Bihar’s Bodhgaya. But according to a story at TNN, the reason why officials are taking the tweets seriously is because the first tweet was generated barely 16 hours before the incident.

The TNN story that did an extensive study on the Twitter account and its tweets said that the Twitter handle which went silent after July 7 was used again on July 10th for some activities on Twitter. The handler of the account did just ‘unfollow’ the Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) founder Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and went on silent mode again.

The Twitter handle which communicated in the country’s national language – Hindi had only two tweets – 1. “hamara maksad India se badla lena hai (our aim is to take revenge against India). Rock Sago To Rock Lo (stop if you can stop it) 7 days left” and 2) “9 Dhamake Humne Karay (We carried out the nine blasts).” A tweet that was tweeted on the day of blasts at Body Gaya, July 7, at 18:32 hours.

The Twitter account is not working now but efforts are being made to gather details relating to identity and IP address used to register the account. It won’t be an easy task since the account might have opened using a proxy server pointing its location to somewhere in Canada.

For now there has been no development in the story and sources say that looking at the way of communication and spelling mistakes, the account is being treated as fake or perhaps is a prank on the 140 character social network.

But if the tweet is found to be genuine, this would be the first instance of IM using a public platform to claim responsibility.

“Till now, IM has used only emails to claim responsibility for the blasts. These were sent to select media houses,” a home minister official noted.