Indian Ministry Of Finance On Facebook

Indian Ministry of Finance on Facebook

Government organizations joining Facebook is no more a cool thing and so the latest entry by the Indian Ministry of Finance doesn’t excite me. The Ministry of Finance has recently launched its Facebook page and the idea is to create a connection with citizens as expressed by the ministry:

“Once you join, you’ll be able to connect with the Ministry of Finance Page, along with people you care about and other things that interest you.”


The Page that has already got close to three hundred fans in such a short span has a very basic look and feel. One of the areas that comes into focus is the ‘Info’ section that has been left blank completely! However, the wall has been filling up with thoughts of fans who are expressing the move to be a great one and sharing their grievances too. In all this action, replies from the Finance Ministry is missing! This is very much required if they intend to keep this page growing and actually a place where citizens are listened to. It is initial days for the page and the Ministry of Finance, so lot of work needs to be done in terms of content, design, etc on their Facebook fan page.

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We wish that the new move not only gains fans but also some real value is driven from it. For e.g. GOV2.In another initiative by the Indian government has an amazing fan count close to 500 people but frankly it is nothing more than a link providing service fan page. The wall is just a scrolling page of links without anyone talking. So we wish that the new initiative by Ministry of Finance just doesn’t fizz out and creates real value in terms of listening and acting upon citizen problems.

As a citizen of India, how do you see such moves? Do you think they create any value or is it just following the bandwagon?