Indian Food League, Hippo’s New Campaign

An article on Indian Food League, Hippo's New Campaign for the ongoing IPL season


You walk into any social media seminar in India and the one case study that is usually being discussed is Hippo. This FMCG brand has created a humorous image with its trademark funny tone on social media. Hippo is back again with Indian Food League, a campaign  crafted keeping in mind the ongoing IPL madness. Indian Food League (IFL) is funny and catchy and has been designed to capture the emotional rivalry amongst Indian cities, that creeps in during the IPL. So instead of saying that today’s match is between Delhi and Punjab, IFL calls it Papdi Chaat Vs Aloo Paratha. Playing on the food specialities of the various Indian states during the IPL, and creating a contest around it, IFL plans to leverage on our cricket frenzy as well as our love for snacks.

hippo facebook

The brand has designed a microsite for this campaign and has associated a contest with the campaign. The microsite allows you to log in via Twitter or Facebook. Once you have authenticated yourself, you land up in a colourful site. Hippo has named the teams in IPL like Pav Bhaji for Mumbai, Masala Dosa for Bangalore, Dal Bati for Rajasthan, etc. Besides this Hippo gives you a chance to win a Hippo Bean Bag if you can be funny and witty like it is. Just go ahead and click on the “Today’s Special” which is nothing but today’s IPL team listed on a board named in Hippo style. So leave a witty comment and make sure you use the different colours of chalk. You can also get lucky and win a Hippo bean bag if you can add a fun comment on your poster. Do make it funny to increase your chances of winning, as suggested by Hippo.

The site also lists all the “Bean Bag Winners” with their witty comments which could give you an idea how witty Hippo wants it from you. Hippo is also using its social media presence to spread the word and invite more fans to the IFL. Hippo which is quite popular on Twitter with a follower strength close to 4000, is announcing its “Today’s Special” along with conversing with it’s fans. It is a treat to read the funny comments and I am sure it’s pacifying the irritated fellows on Twitter.

Hippo’s Facebook with more than 3000 fans, has more or less the same content strategy like Twitter. This is a disappointment from the campaign and the Facebook engagement fails to impress here for the following reasons:

1. I had signed on the microsite via my Facebook account and during the authentication I had allowed the app to post content on my behalf. I thought the app will show me the content before posting it but the app fails to go by the app guidelines. It posts on my timeline without showing me the content.

2. The content that is being shared is similar to Twitter. Nothing unusual about it; most brands do it but on the flipside they miss out on utilising the best of both networks. What you can gain from Facebook , cannot be achieved from Twitter and vice versa.

3. Hippo is running the contests on its microsite which is fine but you can’t declare the names of the winners on the Facebook wall. I think it is time for the agency handling the Facebook for Hippo to brush up on the guidelines of Facebook.

Nevertheless, the IFL campaign is not only tempting but aligns with the objective - to bask in the glory of IPL and make its place as the preferred snack. With that the contest is also a no-brainer, which is bound to click with the fans. When compared to the other campaigns that are all trying the catch eyeballs of fans during the ongoing IPL, Hippo stands out in style. Not only is it simple but also  it is bound to connect with fans. If only they could have invested some time on Facebook engagement, it would have been an impressive one. I hope team Hippo is listening 🙂

I have uploaded my witty comment but I am sure you guys will do much better. So before the IPL ends and Hippo changes his mind, go comment and get witty. Do let me know if you win a bean bag and do share your thoughts on how the campaign could have improved.