Indian Dating Apps Are Breaking Stereotypes Around Valentine’s Day

This year Indian dating apps like Woo, TrulyMadly are trying to break stereotypes and are interacting with users beyond contests on social media

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Valentine’s week has been exciting so far with a bunch of controversies. Indian state Chattisgarh replaced the day with ‘Matru-Pitru Diwas’ or ‘Parents’ Worship Day’, right-wing outfit Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha has given notices that it won’t tolerate the festival of love offline and online.

Dating in India isn’t considered appropriate by many as they think it isn’t right for our culture. Indian youth are trying to change this in today’s digital age. Earlier last year, it was officially revealed that Facebook – the most popular social network in India – also happened to be the preferred dating site in emerging countries including India.

Globally online dating is being touted as the next revolution, the $2.1 billion market is going to accelerate in the next five years.The success of Tinder dating app during the 2014 FIFA football world cup is one of them. With the growth of mobile first dating apps globally, Indian startups have shown interest in it and over the last year apps like Woo, Vee, Thrill, Truly Madly (more inclined towards matrimonial) have got traction and VC support.

With love in the air, this year these dating apps have been cultivating interesting campaigns on social media to evolve from being just apps to find a date. “People’s perspective on love has evolved. It’s no longer, necessarily, the bright, shiny rom-com version of love that people buy into. There’s an increasing appreciation and celebration of the smaller things that comprise love, from companionable silences to meaningful gestures that mean much more than conventional gifts, ” said Sumesh Menon, CEO and Co-founder at Woo, while talking about their social campaign #LoveActuallyIs

Post by Woo.
The social campaign #LoveActuallyIs showcases real couples, talking about what makes their relationships really special – whether it was the struggle to get together against odds, the little quirks and rituals that are unique to them, or their perspective on what makes a strong relationship.

Post by Woo.

To understand this better Woo walked around the streets of Delhi and asked what they think #LoveActuallyIs - the video summarizes the emotions.

“The intent of the campaign, especially relevant during Valentine’s week, is to bring out what love truly is – it’s struggles, joys and different perspectives – in the words of people we cross paths with, on a daily basis, like colleagues, friends or family,” informed Sumesh.

TrulyMadly, another startup boasting its USP as a ‘verified dating app’ is also running campaigns with an intent to move beyond the stereotypical mush around valentines. “Girls today have the power to choose their careers, jobs, interests etc, so why not the men they want to be with. TrulyMadly gives them that choice,” informed Sachin Bhatia, Co-Founder at TrulyMadly.

Known for breaking stereotypes in the society with its innovative campaigns, TrulyMadly has created a set of minimalist posters that tell how different men and women are when it comes to planning ‪‎Valentine’s Day. Additionally it has launched another campaign that focuses on independent girls - #FranklyHer

TrulMadly #FranklyHer

While Woo and TrulyMadly have focused on breaking stereotypes, Vee that states to be one of the safest socializing app in the market, launched its campaign around Valentine’s Day called ‘#beingsinglesucks’.”

The campaign touches upon the feeling of how you need someone to hug on a cold winter day, someone to talk your heart out to. “The campaign encourages the single people to make an effort and find a date this Valentine’s Day. If not anything long term, you will get to know a new person, engage in meaningful conversation and have a fun filled date this Vday,” stated the company on its release.

Along with #beingsinglesucks, Vee has been running contests, promoted tweets try to drive app downloads and bunch of minimalist posters around the general theme of Valentine’s.

Post by Vee.

Dating app Thrill which recently received Rs 6 crore in a cash and stock deal from Peoples Group for a 25% stake, has decided to stay away from the Valentine’s Day madness.

Today’s youth wants to break stereotypes in the society, dating apps syncing in their thought process is a wise decision. Running campaigns on such lines showcase these startups as the dating apps and brands that today’s youth want to own and associate with. Running basic contests and churning out the same age old campaign ideas really don’t make a great impact.

If done right they also drive app downloads - Woo is already experiencing 3 times the number of sign ups and 2 times the number of matches forming on its app.