Indian Brands Performance Report On Facebook (SocialBakers July Report)

A blog post on SocialBakers July Report about the performance of Indian brands on Facebook


It’s that time of the month when we share Social Bakers exclusive Facebook report that is yet to be published. SocialBakers, the social media analytics company has shared the social media report of the Facebook brand pages in India for the month of July,2012.

social bakers facebook india report

What does the report say?

1. It’s a known fact that more than 50 million Indians are on Facebook and India is one of the leading countries in the Asian continent. There has been a constant upward growth which places it in the number 3 slot in world ranking after US and Brazil. However, the bigger question now is - how many of them are real in the 50 million fans. The entire debate caught some attention when BBC did a research to find the reality behind ‘likes‘ and subsequently Facebook stated that 83 million are illegitimate accounts. I wonder how many are from India?

2. The top 10 brands by number of fans have remained more or less the same for the last few months. Tata Docomo still is miles ahead with a fan following of 8.5 million, compared to the remaining 9 brands that are in the 3-4 million range. However, July saw a new entry to the list - Samsung Mobile India with 2.7 million fans.

The entry comes as no surprise to me considering the parent brand Samsung being the official partner at London Olympics 2012. Samsung Mobile India is also leveraging the event on social media and is engaging with fans too. The below screen grab provided by Unmetric shows the growth of fans for the brand in the month of July along with people talking about the brand. The data provided by Unmetric also highlights that the brand had a higher growth rate (44.2%) when compared to the average Mobile and Handhelds Facebook pages.


3. The story remains exactly similar for “Top 10 media brands by number of fans” when compared with last few months. Barring the change in the numbers of individual media pages, the list remains same with the Facebook page, India ranking at the top followed by MTV India page.

4. “The top 10 brands by average engagement rate” has some new entries in the lists and I am overwhelmed to see an educational body like Amity University top the list. The institute which has more than 576K fans impressed me with its content and the engagement it is driving with it. Royal Enfield and Caprese are the two other brands that feature in the list subsequently.

Royal Enfield

5. “The top 10 brands by daily page engagement rate” has new faces and Royal Enfield tops the list with BMW India following it quite closely. Royal Enfield, the official community of Enfield lovers has a strong community of 17oK strong community impresses me with its content. According to Unmetric, the brand had 628 posts on its wall of which 596 were contributed by the fans. The brand also scored well in the Sentimental Analysis data with only 20 negative posts out of 502 posts.

6. As we know that Social Bakers had launched a new set of analysis to find out how socially devoted are brands on Facebook. The new set of analysis looked into how open are you with your fans by keeping the Facebook wall open. Other factors that are considered are how well you respond to questions and what is the response time to the queries made by fans.

Nokia India tops the list of Top 5 Socially Devoted Brands for the moth of July. Rest of the four brands are the big telecom giants followed by Ecommerce giant, Flipkart. Airtel which was at the top last month is still in the list. Besides, its good to see Flipkart hanging around which is known for its quick response both online as well as offline.

What do you make of this report? Do share your thoughts with us.