Indian Brands’ Performance On Facebook (SocialBakers October Report)

Insights from the Social Bakers October performance report of the Indian brands on Facebook.


61 Million i.e. total number of Facebook users in India and we are still growing on the world’s largest social network, as per the latest data of October, 2012 provided by Socialbakers. Socialbakers, the social media analytics company that monitors brands on social media has shared a Facebook report for the Indian brands for the month of October, 2012.

social bakers october facebook india

What does the report say?

From this month i.e. from October, Socialbakers had a few changes in the way they represent the data on these reports. The tool is only sharing the “Average Engagement Rate” from now on and has given up the “Daily Engagement Rate”. In addition to this, it is adding up two more data points i.e. Average Engagement Rate and Average Response Rate that are two important benchmarks of the country on Facebook. So Average Engagement Rate, will show the average engagement of all brands in the country. And second benchmark Average Response Rate, will show how responsive the brands of the particular country have been.

1. Top 10 Facebook brands in India by number of fans: The list seems to remain pretty much the same month after month. Tata Docomo with more than 9.7Million fans stands tall at the top and the rest of the nine pages are not even half way close to the brand. The rest of the brands remain the same and there is no new entry when you compare it with last month. However, there has been a slight change - Vodafone Zoozoos is at the second position followed by Kingfisher, Fastrack, etc.

According to Unmetric, the social media monitoring product, even though Tata Docomo has been the leader in terms of number of fans, Samsung Mobile India had the highest growth rate with an addition of 16% or 526K fans in last month.


2. Top 10 Facebook media in India by number of fans: The list again remains the same for last few months in terms of the names that have been listed here. India, the community page about the nation remains again at the top with 4M fans followed by MTV India, Save The Tiger, ZoomTV, The Times Of India, etc.

3. Top 5 Facebook brands in India by average engagement rate: Join My Village has been one page that has been constant in this list for some time now, which otherwise is quite a dynamic list. Kudos to the NGO which has kept on doing an awesome job by keeping the engagement levels intact month after month. The page which has more than 267K fans had an average engagement rate of 1.37%.


In addition to this, according to Unmetric the page received 104 total posts in which the fans contributed 83 posts. The wall had more positive posts than the negatives ones on the wall and the NGO was seen much more willing to participate when something negative was said about them. A clear sign of healthy community build up.

Rest of the four brands except Ellie18 have been featuring in the list from past few months. Greepeace India is another NGO that stands at the second position followed by Pears, etc.

4. Top 5 socially devoted Facebook brands in India: A crucial data that Social Bakers had started some time earlier. However with time the data has matured and from now on it focuses on three major factors – (i) Response Time, (ii) Response Rate and (iii) Answered minus unanswered questions.

Samsung_India_Sentiment_analysisHowever, “Response Time” i.e. the average time that it takes for the company to respond to user wall posts by a brand drives the report. Samsung India has the best response time of 14 min and the response rate has also been outstanding with 95% among all the 5 in the list. In fact Samsung Mobile India features in the list too.

Although the new metrics leaves with some unanswered questions for Social Bakers to be answered:

1. Not every question that is asked by a fan is a rational one. So in such a scenario the brand avoids them.

2. Today a lot of brands use Twitter for customer service since interaction becomes really very easy.

3. Now fans have the choice to talk to a brand by a message, even if the wall is closed by the brand.

Nevertheless, it is still a comprehensive performance report of Indian brands on Facebook. So what do you make of this report? Do share your thoughts with us.