Indian Brands’ Performance On Facebook (SocialBakers January 2013 Report)

Social Bakers has released the performance report of Indian brands on Facebook for January 2013.

Social Bakers, the social media analytics company that monitors brands on social media has shared the January 2013 Facebook report for Indian brands. The performance report once again focusses on the local numbers along with the total fan base. So now onwards, you would not only see the total fans but will also find count of local fans from the country the page is targeting. According to the latest report, the total number of Facebook fans have kept on growing and in January it was 62 million.

January 2013 Social Media Report  Facebook Pages in India
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What does the report say?

Social Bakers has made minor tweaks to the regional reports. In addition to showing the local numbers, the report now shows the current month’s average post engagement rate along with the change in engagement rate from previous months.

1. Top 10 Facebook brands by number of  local fans: The list of top 10 brands on Facebook by number of local fans remains the  same. Tata Docomo still stands at the top with 11 million fans in total out of which 10 million fans are from India. Vodafone Zoozoos, Nokia India, Fastrack, Samsung Mobile India are the rest of the four brands that are leading at the top. Samsung Mobile India is also one of the brands which has the highest percentage of local fans compared to the total fan base on Facebook.

However, if you notice global brands like Intel and Levis have joined the top 10 list. Even though they have bigger fan base but since their local numbers are small, they have been ranked below. But in such a scenario what happens to a page like Levis India – with more than a million fans – targeting India. Hopefully we should get an answer to this from Social Bakers.

2. Top 10 Facebook media by number of local fans: The list of the top 10 media pages on Facebook has some changes with the local numbers coming into picture. MTV with a total fan base of 4 million out of which 3 million are local fans stands at the top of the list. India, Save the Tiger, Bindass and TOI are the rest of the media pages that are in the top 5 respectively. Additionally Bindass the television channel with 95% has the highest percentage of local fans when compared to the total fan base.

3. Top 5 Facebook brands by post engagement rate: Amity University with more than 684K  fans and with an engagement rate of 3.46% tops the list of top 5 Facebook brands by post engagement rate. The other four brands Royal Enfield, Greepeace India, Johnnie Walker India and Revlon India. The report also highlights the monthly change in engagement rate and brands like Amity and Greenpeace India have shown 29 and 23 percentage change for the last month. However, Revlon India with a downward monthly change of 32% is placed at the bottom of the list.

4. Top 5 socially devoted Facebook brands: A crucial data that Social Bakers had started some time earlier. However with time the data has matured and from now on it focuses on three major factors – (i) Response Time, (ii) Response Rate and (iii) Answered minus unanswered questions. However, “Answered minus unanswered questions” drives the top 5 socially devoted Facebook brands data set.

For the month of January, 2013 Samsung Mobile India is the most socially devoted Facebook brand. The other brands that have featured in the list are Airtel India, Vodafone India, Samsung India and HDFC Bank. However, Samsung India which is ranked at the fourth position is the most effective brand with the highest response rate and response time.

In addition to this, Social Bakers pulls out the most popular posts of January and considering the Republic Day was around, so no surprises to see two of the popular posts surrounding the same.

So what do you make out of the report that focuses on and gives more weightage to the local numbers?