Indian Brands Join In Twitter’s 10th Birthday Celebrations

Twitter turned ten today and it's been a day long celebration with Indian brands tweeting birthday messages in appealing visuals, gifs and more

Twitter is having a field day today, it is celebrating a decade of existence. 10 years ago, on March 21st 2006, Jack tweeted the first ever tweet and thereafter we know how the little blue bird has evolved. One may question its user growth and ad business model but today isn’t the day. Despite all its problems, Twitter has changed the way we communicate; it got us to think how to be creative within 140 characters. Not sure whether that will still stand true in the coming decade, but Jack has assured that the 140 limit isn’t going anywhere.

India, which happens to be a crucial country for the network in the Asian continent, has earned great visibility in the last few years. Things have been good for Twitter, post the 2014 General Elections in the country. However it was the Mumbai terrorist attacks in 26th Nov, 2008 that was the first iconic moment on the platform. “Twitter became the platform of choice for this crisis moment on Nov 26, 2008. It was used to connect trapped hostages inside the Taj hotel with the outside world. They live-tweeted about the situation, people in and around the area shared updates using Twitter, and journalists used it extensively to report on the terrorist attacks,” wrote Twitter India while sharing the 10 iconic Indian moments.

Later on it was India winning the Cricket World Cup in 2011 and the latest being another crisis situation the Chennai Floods. “Twitter was used as a platform to provide reports, disseminate critical information and coordinate local relief efforts during the record-breaking floods in Chennai at the end of 2015. Local residents Tweeted using popular hashtags such as #ChennaiRains, #ChennaiFloods and #ChennaiRainsHelp to crowdsource assistance and help each other through this natural disaster. At the peak of the flooding, there were over 1.4 million Tweets from Dec 1-4, 2015.”

Throughout the day Twitter India was busy sharing the happiness and joy on its platform. From sharing cake to sending personalized notes to retweeting birthday messages from influencers, the account had a fun time.

For the entire first half of the day #LoveTwitter was trending and at times we saw the buzz building up for #FirstTweet. The #LoveTwitter emoji was cool but for me #FirstTweet was bit of an emotional moment. Give it a try - it’s fun.

Meanwhile Indian brands (few of them) decided to join in the party, curated below are the interesting birthday wishes from them.

Jack Dorsey, CEO at Twitter is confident enough to make Twitter a 20-year-old company. Seeing the last quarter results many would say it is a tall emotional claim but we wish Twitter stands tall for many years to come. You still don’t have an open free medium like Twitter!