Indian Brands’ Performance On Facebook (SocialBakers November Report)

Analysis of the Indian Brands’ Performance On Facebook, a social bakers November report


61 Million is total number of Facebook users in India and we are still growing on the world’s largest social network, as per the latest data of November, 2012 provided by Socialbakers. However, the overall growth in the country in the month of November hasn’t been strong compared to previous months. Socialbakers, the social media analytics company that monitors brands on social media has shared a Facebook report for the Indian brands for the month of November, 2012.

Facebook India November report

1. Top 10 Facebook brands by number of fans

The data of November, 2012 shows the same brands and no surprises in who is still leading. Tata Docomo tops the list and with a fan count that no one is nearby. The brand has more than 10 million fans and that is a commendable effort.  Rest all other brands that still are in the mark of 5 million, also remain the same when compared to last month’s data. Nokia India has increased a bit and come up the ladder.  Rest there is no new face in the list which has been pretty much static throughout the year.

According to Unmetric, the social media benchmarking tool, Tata Docomo figures remain the same for the month of November period but Vodafone Zoozoos had the highest growth in this period. In the last month, Vodafone Zoozoos added more than a million fans which was a 24.43% increase. In comparison to that Tata Docomo, increase in fan percentage was only 3.95% since it added 383K fans.


One of the reasons of the higher growth rate of Vodafone Zoozoos is largely due to the ongoing campaign “Made for You” offers in its page. Not only the campaigns are targeted to the youth but are also very interesting specially targeting the non-metros.

2. Top 10 Facebook media by number of fans

The top 10 list of media pages again remains the same for last few months in terms of the names that have been listed here. India, the community page about the nation remains again at the top with 4M fans followed by MTV India, Save The Tiger, ZoomTV, etc.

3. Top 5 brand by post engagement rate

A dynamic list that keeps on changing every month but then Join My Village, a NGO has been holding the top engager page for last few months. Even though the engagement has reduced by 15% this month, it is still the most engaging page of November.

However, Nestle First 1000 days, the community page which we had reviewed previously because of its interesting concept has an increasing engagement percentage growth (140%). Apart from this, Greenpeace India also remains constant on the list but then the engagement level has dropped.

This also brings us back to my old question - should every question on a fan page be addressed? I am yet to hear from Social Bakers on this.

4. Top 5 socially devoted Facebook brands

Flipkart_sentimental_analysisAnother interesting set of data that Social Bakers had introduced some time earlier. However with time the data has matured and from now on, it focuses on three major factors – (i) Response Time, (ii) Response Rate and (iii) Answered minus unanswered questions.

For November, the popular ecommerce brand Flipkart is the top socially devoted Facebook brand on Facebook. The response time on Facebook is 526 minute and the response rate of the brand was 73%.

Unmetric’s sentimental analysis also shows that the brand has been a happy place for fans too. Overall the vibes have been positive even though it is a ecommerce brand and that’s a positive sign. However, the brand has been quite upbeat whenever there has been a positive content about the brand.

Apart from Flipkart, it is quite good to see banks like HDFC bank featuring in the list along with other brands such as Samsung Mobile India, eBay India and Fem Fairness.

5. Most Engaging Post On Facebook For November

A new section that Social Bakers has added to its growing insights and a good data to compare which post drew the most engagement. Cricket is a religion in India and on Facebook, which is clearly evident in the two pictures which are from PlayUp Cricket out of the three top engaging posts on Facebook for November.

So what do you make of this report? Do share your thoughts with us.