When Sony, Tata Docomo, Godrej Expert And Bingo Snacks Engaged In A Pre-Holi Bash On Twitter

Sony India, Tata Docomo, Godrej Expert and Bingo Snacks engage in a fun holi banter on Twitter, while scoring points on Twitter branding

Brands this year are far cooler on social media than before. Be it competitors or a Twitter user taking a harmless jibe at a brand, we are seeing brands sharing a warm camaraderie at least on Twitter.  This morning Sony India tagged Tata Docomo on Twitter and asked its followers to plug in using Tata Docomo stick to enjoy the tournament.

Both brands are mutual partners as in you can plug a Tata Docomo wifi stick on to your Sony Bravia smart TV for a smooth watch. While Sony endorsed Tata Docomo’s fast service for the fast deliveries expected in the India-West Indies match tomorrow, Tata Docomo, on the other hand, was quick in replying about the colours of Sony TV reminding it of Holi. The festival of colours, Holi is also scheduled for tomorrow.

But what happened next will leave you in awe! While the two engaged in a mutual chat, other Indian brands joined in the conversation. Hair colour brand Godrej Expert was touched by the mention of colours and asked these two about their Holi plans. Bingo snacks couldn’t be left out from talks about a Holi party, could it?

The first guy Sony India has a cool reply to both.

Friends on Twitter or ‘cool personal branding’

All four brands have won the Twitter cool of today. While Sony India’s tweet earned 24 retweets and 20 favourites, Tata Docomo’s tweet gained 22 retweets and 16 favourites. Godrej Expert’s tweet  that made an expert entry, got 16 retweets and 14 favourites, while Bingo snacks also scored with 21 retweets and 18 favourites. While we know two of the brands are handled by the same agency and the Twitter conversation might have been a planned one, the other two have been quick in minting the moment with their brand relevant conversations.

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Who’s going to be the next one?!