Indian Brands’ Performance On Facebook (SocialBakers August Report)

Insights about the SocialBakers August Report of Indian Brands Performance On Facebook


SocialBakers, the social media analytics company has shared their exclusive social media performance report for the month of August, 2012. The report is about the performance of Facebook brand pages in India.

social bakers facebook india August 2012 infographics

What does the report say?

1. Facebook’s tanking shares is a concern but the user growth has not been the same. India is ranked as the third with 54 million users after USA and Brazil. Since last month, there has been a growth of 4.08%. In fact, all the three countries have seen a positive growth percentage in the month of August.

However, the next question that comes to mind is about how many of them are real as Facebook believes it to be more than 83 million worldwide. And Facebook seems to be earnest in clamping down the fake likes. If this happens, then we are sure to see a change in the numbers at least in brand pages. At the same time, it would be interesting to see how serious is Facebook in eliminating fake users and duplicate accounts in the near future.

Apart from the web users, Social Bakers had recently shared an infographic that spoke about the Facebook mobile users. Out of 955 million Facebook users, 543 million users are browsing Facebook via mobile. The infographic also shares that there are 134.2 million users from Asia that is 27% of mobile users.  I am sure that these numbers are going to increase rapidly if Facebook releases the same sleek app for all mobile devices like it has done for iOS.

2. “Top 10 brands by number of fans” list remain more or less the same when compared with the data of July. Tata Docomo still is miles ahead with a fan following of 8.7 million, compared to the remaining 9 brands that are in the 3-4 million range.

Tata Docomo is also the leading brand in terms of number of fans not only in it’s category but also among all brands on Facebook. The page secured more than 222K fans last month and according to Unmetric, the engagement with fans over the posts in the last month have been above average. The page that has the maximum support from an age group less than 21 years, is currently running an interesting campaign where it is bringing the synergy between TV and social media – Hate Incomplete Stories. Content has been the key for the brand and hence is appealing to the youth.

3. The story of “Top 10 media brands by number of fans” when compared with last few months has also been the same. Facebook page, India is ranking at the top followed by MTV India page. However 9XM finds a place in the list for the month of August.

 4. “Top 10 brands by average engagement rate” has some new entries. Join My Village, a non-profit organization has topped the list. The page with 158K fans has 1.75% average engagement rate. Content is impressive as we had highlighted in the past in one of their campaigns.

Thank You Mom India and Royal Enfield are the other pages in the list after Join My Village respectively. However, Kitchens of India is an interesting entry at the bottom of the list and seems to have an impressive page.

BIBA_Facebook_page5. “Top 10 brands by daily page engagement rate” also has some interesting new names. BIBA India, one of the ethnic brands of the country has topped the chart with 11.35% daily engagement rate. The brand which has a fan following of more than 143K fans, has managed to grab 4,705 new fans in August.

According to Unmetric, last month the page witnessed 234 posts out of which 145 were from the page admins. The brand participated in 23.5% of posts by fans. The overall sentiment of the page has been positive but the brand needs to work on its response time. The brand took 17 hours to respond to the 20 posts out of 89 that had been posted by fans.

6. Finally, HTC India is the most socially devoted brand on Facebook. In August, the brand had 175 posts out of which 169 were from fans. According to Social Bakers, Question Response Rate has been 35% but the brand’s participation percentage is 19.5% .

In addition to HTC India, Vodafone India, Airtel India, Samsung Mobile India and Nokia India are the subsequent socially devoted brands in the list.

What do you make of this report? Do share your thoughts with us.

P.S. The infographic has been updated and the fifth socially devoted brand on Facebook is Nokia India.