10 Best April Fools’ Day Pranks From Indian Brands

While the brands in West went crazy with April Fools' Day pranks, Indian brands like FreeCharge, ixigo, Amazon India, Zomato, Ola Cabs did best to have fun


You don’t need a day or time to play a frank or have a laugh with your friends and family. But brands do need a day where they can get rid of their corporate sleeves and have some fun. Thank god it’s just one day in a year otherwise it would be difficult to stop Google from pulling up pranks. Like all previous years, Google has pulled up the number of hilarious pranks for 2015 April Fool’s Day.

Brands in the west geared up for the day with fun and engaging stuff for their fans; Indian brands are yet to be a little funny. While most chose not to associate with the day, a few went for the vanilla contests but the real winners were brands like Ola, FreeCharge, Zomato, Amazon India, among others. Listed below are 11 Indian brands that were able to pull up some serious pranks on the day.

1. Ola Cabs – Ola Air

A chopper ride for Rs. 499? Ola announced that it is making this possible by its revolutionary service in the sky, Ola Air. The offer also has private helipads for the Ola customers said the company on its blog. Now who is taking to the skies with a taxi service?

2. Yatra – Trip to space

The online travel company launched a contest prior to April Fool’s day asking fans to complete the statement – “I want to go to outer space because …” The brand had two winners but they have to settle with an Insterstellar DVD for now.

3. Amazon India – Edge Collection

The e-Commerce brand was really geared up for the day, from running amazing pranks on its site to giving tips to fans on how to make use of the day. From products like Silicon Moustache Stylers to Dream Decoders and Exotic Pets from Madagascar, the Amazon Edge Collection had it all for the day.

5. FreeCharge - BuzzKill

With the start of a new financial year, FreeCharge launched its revolutionary new product, BuzzKill – a mobile app to kill mosquitoes. The brand is yet to release two more products – BuzzKill pro, BuzzKill SDK. Mosquitoes forget GoodNight repellents now you have to face BuzzKill.

6. Zomato – Zomatcho app for singles

Zomatcho – the app from Zomato is for singles to find someone special who shares their interests and preferences in – food. “Using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account your known dining behaviour based on the way you use Zomato, as well as a couple of other parameters (let’s just call it magic, because we can’t reveal anything more), the app helps match you with people you’re most compatible with, food-wise, ” said Zomato on its blog.

zomatcho app

So all you singles keep an eye on Zomato since the app is about to launch, hopefully!

7. ixigo Loo Finder

ixigo – the travel planning and search business came up with a brilliant idea of locating nearest toilets for travellers with a tap on the screen. Dubbed an “app to poop in peace”, ixigo loo finder has mapped over 1 million toilets in India across government and private locations, said the company on its blog.

As an introductory offer, the app is offering Rs. 100 free mobile recharge for every use as well as a free taxi ride to toilets over 500 metres away. Quite a lucrative deal for all our toilet problems!

8. Uber - #UberSUPERCAR

Ola came up with Ola Air, Uber promised its riders they could have a free spin on Hamleys, Lamborghinis and Ferraris and take selfies with these supercars. Did you fall for the prank?


9. InMobi investing in Craft Breweries

Mobile advertising platform InMobi made an announcement that it is investing in “craft breweries”, describing beer as the fuel that brings out the best in app developers. “As a platform with global scale, InMobi is in a unique position to tap into local sources and create a sustainable, global supply chain to bring great craft beer to developers. This investment will underwrite a significant portion of the cost and will give developers a supply of craft beer at a deep discount,” InMobi said in its blog.”

Were the developers fooled?

10.OnePlus Drones

The smartphone provider decided to introduce One Plus DR-1 Drones and to create eye balls it is running a giveaway for Indians. Seemed like a cool offer to fall for!

Which ones did you fall for?