Indian Blogosphere 2014 - Blogs Have Been The Fastest Growing Medium Across The Web

Joint survey by Businessworld and 'Blogosphere 2014' states that in India blogs have been the fastest growing medium across the web

“Blogging wouldn’t die but the forms of blogging may change. Earlier people used to blog on Blogspot, today they do on Quora, Medium, among others,” Mahendra Palsule, editor at Techmeme had stated in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights on the future of blogging.

The recent joint survey - Indian Blogosphere 2014 by BW | Businessworld and blog promotion and networking platform IndiBlogger settles the debate that blogging is no where close to being dead. On the contrary, in India blogs have been the fastest growing medium across the web. From 24.3 million in 2012 the number has grown to 35.9 million in 2013, resulting in a 48% growth.

The survey was conducted between December 2013 and January 2014. The data has been collected from a sample of 35,464 human-verified blogs from the database. 1059 bloggers on the IndiBlogger network also responded to a questionnaire of 12 queries which helped in the understanding of specific behavioural characteristics. The study also includes 318,059 blog posts submitted on IndiVine™ since 2008 to understand blogging behaviour, categories, topics and writing styles.

Some interesting data points in the survey:

1. 35,464 authenticated blogs in the database. 318,059 blogposts submitted on IndiVine™ since 2008.

2. Gender Ratio of Indian Bloggers - Male 75%, Female 25%.

3. Bloggers by language - English dominates by 88% and 12% includes bloggers blogging in Hindi (5%) followed by Tamil (3%).

4. 25-35 age group dominate blogging with 54% share followed by 18-25 who contribute to 24% share.

5. Food and Drink, Travel and Movies are some of the most blogged topics. Besides Health which finds its name in the list is also the most growing category followed by Elections and Gadgets.

6. Bloggers find Twitter more interesting in driving traffic than Facebook. This is obvious with the diminishing organic reach on Facebook. LinkedIn  and Pinterest are also interesting to bloggers.

7. While being compared by global bloggers, the report says that we lead in monetization, purchase influence and use of videos. 56% of blogs in India influence buying decisions, 86% monetize their blog out of which 72% do it by Google Adsense.

8. With 63% till date Blogspot remains the preferred choice as a blogging platform.

There are some more interesting findings, click on the SlideShare below to gain more insights of the blogging world in India.