Indian Bloggers League, The Battle Of The Blogs Has Begun

by Vinaya Naidu on July 12, 2022


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Inspired on the lines of the popular cricket format, IPL, India now has its very own IBL – the Indian Bloggers League.  IBL has 8 teams representing different parts of the country, with a total of 136 bloggers including reserve ones.

Deepak Karthik, the man behind the conceptualisation says the inspiration for IBL came from his close association with creating content for IPL. And it didn’t take long for the IBL dream to turn into reality. The concept sparked off and spread in a very short span of time. Within 48 hours, the 8 teams were finalised and the rules were set. The format for IBL is also the same. Each of the teams will have a mix of bloggers who excel in the different aspects of blogging – short stories, poems, photography, etc and there are rounds and fixtures as well!

But Deepak is not alone. Three other bloggers also joined him to make this national blogging event a reality. There is Binoy Karan, Founder of, which is also the hosting platform for this contest. And then there are two bloggers, Saravana Kumar and Akshay Kumar, both software engineers. Interestingly, Binoy is also a software engineer by profession.

Having its roots in the Indiblogger community, IBL is well aware of the power of interest-based communities. What sparked off through a thread on the Indiblogger community forum, is now honoured with a full-fledged website, a Facebook page, a Twitter page and a Facebook Group of its own. Regular IBL updates are available on its home page as well as on the IBL page at

An assortment of bloggers, both seasoned and budding form the 8 teams representing 8 cities of India. Each of the teams have a logo, some of them have a team anthem but all of them have very inspired names. There is the “The Bengaluru Bloggers Bistro”, “Pune Blog-in”, “Bombay’s Bloggywood”, “Kolkata Knight Writers”, “Delhi Sutras”, “Chennai Super Bloggers”, “Amdavadi Tadka” and ‘Patliputra Wordsmiths”, and it is anybody’s guess that with team names like this, the IBL is going to rock in its Inaugural Edition.

Here’s a video featuring the team anthem of Chennai Super Bloggers:

Beginning 1st July, IBL has kick-started with its first round and will conclude in two months just as the IPL. The different aspects of blogging form the various sub-topics in the rounds. It has its own IBL Handbook 2012 which is a complete guide to the rules and regulations governing IBL. What is interesting to me are the awards – Fair Play Award, Captain Cool Award, Best Emerging Player Award, Player of the Tournament, and the Most Popular Team Award.

The contest plans to test the patience, perseverance and team skills of the participants apart from their primary writing skills. In addition to this, it hopes to spark the blogging fire in the new and emerging bloggers, with the intention to get them to embrace the art of serious blogging.

Blogging had been almost given up for the dead since last year but the Indian Bloggers League has managed to put the lid on these rumours. Blogging is very much alive and kicking in India and this can be seen in the overwhelming response and support from the blogger community. We wish all the teams the very best and are grateful to the Co-founders of IBL, for bringing in a whole new era in Indian blogging!

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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  • Deepak

    Thanks a ton Lighthouseinsights and moderators on behalf of the whole IBL team…
    we are honored.

    • Prasant Naidu

      We love what you guys are doing for the indian blogosphere :) goodluck to IBL

    • Vinaya Naidu

      It is a pleasure to talk about IBL! My best wishes to the IBL founders and the team:)

  • Kalyan Varadarajan

    Wow!! this is cool…reading abt IBL and the happenings!! Thanks a ton Lighthouseinsights folks!!! Feels great to be a part of this league!!

    • Prasant Naidu

      Thanks Kalyan and good work needs to be appreciated :)

    • Vinaya Naidu

      Welcome! I’m glad the IBL is now reality…it feels good:)

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