Indian Banks Leveraging The London Olympics 2012 On Facebook

A review of Indian banks leveraging the London Olympics on Facebook


Indian banks like IDBI and ICICI, in cashing upon the Olympics fever, have come up with some interesting ways to engage with fans on Facebook.

Earlier I had covered how Indian brands have created social media campaigns around the London Olympics 2012, through which they are not only supporting the Indian Olympians but also creating new ways of engaging with fans. Later I found a few more that have been doing the same with some Indian banks specially taking the baton. For banks like IDBI and ICICI that already have a great presence on social media, opting for this route was an expected move.

The Olympic Trivia Contest by IDBI

The bank with more than 700K fans on its Facebook brand page has started a trivia contest for the Olympic lovers. The app that has been created gets activated once the authentication process is over. The contest is all about how well you know Olympics. You will have to answer a set of questions and the total time matters along with your score. At the end, you get a score that tells you how knowledgeable you are about the games.


How good is the IDBI app?

The app has been tested well and goes good with the Facebook guidelines. The app has incorporated the sharing feature by which you can invite your friends to play the game. These features definitely give the app a boost in terms of creating awareness. However, the design of the app could have been better. Navigation between the app is not that great and once you get the score you are left with no choice as in what should be done next.

‘Terms and Conditions’ link was missing from the app. Since the app is not stating the duration of the competition or how often can we play it and how would the winners be judged, this is a very important aspect the app has ignored.

By the way I was quite apprehensive when the bank asked for all my personal details such as email, phone number, city, pincode, etc. I think obtaining email id should have been sufficient for this contest and using Facebook to obtain the personal details would have been a smarter.

iArena by ICICI

ICICI Bank with more than 710K fans on its Facebook brand page has created an interesting range of Olympic Games for its fans. The app, after authentication, provides a set of interesting games such as Shooting Star, Fly Archery, PenaltyShoot, Boxing, etc. The games are similar to the Hari Sadoo Nakuri Facebook game but are well designed and better executed.


If you are like me who loves to play no brainer games then this is for you. Just read the instructions and keep scoring. Try the Shooting Star and Fly Archery - both are really made to kill your time on the app.

How good is the ICICI App?

The app is a well thought of one and when you create games like this, the user experience matters the most. I am glad that the app designers have excelled in it. The app follows guidelines, is well-instructed and has incorporated sharing features too. The USP of this app is the creativity involved in designing a variety of very interesting games. I am confident that once you start playing these then you would really forget the Google Olympic Games.

Both the banks have found interesting ways to involve fans in activities around Olympics Games. I wished that other banks such as HDFC, AXIS, YES, etc. would be jumping onto the bandwagon but sadly they have decided not to. I am surprised why these banks have ignored such a great opportunity to engage with fans when the Olympic Games have already been declared as the first social games ever played.

Nevertheless, I felt that ICICI scores for two reasons here: 1) creative and simple app and 2) building a variety of games not only will keep the fans coming to it but also spending more time.

Do let us know which is your favorite campaign on Facebook relating to the Olympics Games by Indian banks and if we have missed out any other bank then let us know in the comments.