After A Successful Start On Twitter, Indian Army Joins Facebook

After creating a presence on Twitter in the month of March, the Indian Army has made presence few days ago on Facebook

Indian Army is making cautious advancements on social media. After creating a presence on Twitter in the month of March, the largest component of India’s Armed force, has created a presence a few days ago on Facebook (News Source: MediaNama). The Facebook page – ADGPI – Indian Army which was launched on 18th May, 2013, has already gained a fan presence that is inching closer to the 10K milestone.

ADGPI - Indian Army Facebook

The Facebook page with an appealing cover page, has been quite active in the last three days. The content that is being shared on the page ranges from updating fans about the 36th Border Personnel Meeting with China to sharing booklets on Welfare Schemes for soldiers. The page admin has also been updating visuals from the Yudh Abhyas – 2013, an Indo US Joint Exercise under the United Nations charter and the recruitment drive that is happening at Leimakhong, Imphal.

Along with the Facebook presence, the Twitter account of Indian Army has not only been active but growing its presence. With more than 15K followers on Twitter, the account has been updating the latest activities that are being carried out by the Indian Army jawans. The Twitter account is also cross posting some of the Facebook content which is good to update the community about its new presence on Facebook.

A positive and a very interesting move from the Indian Army since last year it had said “No” to social media. In January, 2012 the Indian Army had issued orders asking all personnel — both officers and other ranks — who had joined social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut earlier to immediately quit them, and also directed those who had not joined such sites not to do so in future. The decision was made by the Army on the grounds of security and internal threat. In fact, the decision was followed just after two days when a Naval Board of Inquiry (BoI) had recommended for action to be taken against four senior naval officers, who were in alleged possession of highly classified information and leaking them through social networking sites.

The army updating about the challenges the officers face, the efforts that they are putting to protect motherland and also using the medium to motivate youngsters to join the army and serve the nation is well served on social media. These initiatives can be more fruitful if brave soldiers come and share the experience and tell the youth why the country needs them.

The change in perception and the cautious move from Indian Army shows the intent to adopt new mediums of communication such as social media so to connect with the youth of the country.