India Is A Key Country For Evernote, Plans To Launch Evernote Business Soon

Linda Kozlowski, Director, APAC, Market Development, Evernote talks about the recent milestone of one million users in India and the road ahead.


Everybody is eyeing the moolah in Asia and India is a big market. Silicon Valley seems to have taken this really seriously, with a new investing company scouting for talent in India, every other day. Along with being a good sign for the ecosystem, this has also pulled in  product companies. Evernote, a product that allows users to write down their thoughts, take pictures and annotate them, and record moments, has recently touched the milestone of 1 million users in India. With more than 50 million people globally, Evernote started seeing remarkable growth in India from 2011.

Speaking to Lighthouse exclusively, Linda Kozlowski, Director, APAC, Market Development, Evernote shares on the recent milestone,

“We are very excited by the growth that has happened in the last two years. The growth has been really very quick as we added 3 times as many users as 12 months ago and 12 times as many users as 2 years ago. So we hope to engage with our customers in India and make the product more effective.”

Not only in India, Evernote has shown a tremendous growth globally too. This growth can be majorly attributed to two reasons – 1) Introduction of innovative products, and 2) Word of mouth.

Last year, the product launched an enterprise edition – Evernote Business following the demand by customers. The feature was launched in seven countries and today it has more than 25,000 businesses who have signed up for the product, which is an extension of the original one.

“Business Evernote is the extension of the same product on the same platform which was introduced after we saw a growing demand from our existing customers. The new feature which has been targeted for the small and medium-sized businesses helps in data ownership, better knowledge sharing, etc.,” Linda shared on the enterprise edition.

Further, she stated that India stands as a key country for Evernote’s growth and they have plans to launch the Business Evernote enterprise edition in the first half of 2013.

Definitely this makes sense given the million users on board and the rate at which the company has been growing. However, Linda made it clear that at the moment they don’t have any plans to open up a center in India and that they are happy to work with their consultant who is managing the marketing and sales.

But, I am bullish that Evernote would soon be thinking in that direction. For now, we have a small infographic that Evernote India has shared on its Facebook page to visually show the user growth from 2011.

Evernote India one million users