India Book Store Engaging Via Twitter

India Book Store Engaging Via Twitter

Animesh Jain

I am a book lover and I am tempted by the innocent smell of the fresh pages.  Saying that, these days’ book prices make sure that I don’t get to smell those fresh pages regularly. When this happens either a book library that sells old books or pirated books from the road side vendors are a respite for me. Well no more as from today, I have India Book Store to help. India Book Store is a search to find the cheapest books online. So no more searching multiple sites, breaking head to save money, etc. just search on India Book Store. I really like the concept and with this India Book Store has a presence on social media that is managed by Animesh Jain. I spoke to Animesh over the phone to understand the objective to be on social media and what is he expecting from social media. Awareness among people is the big reason but he also accepts quite frankly that he has not built any social media strategy. However Animesh with his will has made sure that India Book Store has a cool Blog, Facebook and Twitter presence. I felt that the Twitter presence has been great for India Book Store so decided to review it and provide some tips too.


Twitter Presence of India Book Store

India Book Store has a decent presence on Twitter with close to 300 followers. Apart from numbers India Book Store is genuinely trying to create an engagement with its Twitter community.

Cool Tips:

  • The Logo is consistent and Twitter handle is fine. However, the background is empty. Try to use the space to tell more about your business and to know more you can have a look at some of the cool Twitter backgrounds here. The idea of the background image should be informative and content that speaks about your brand.
  • The Twitter info is cool and the website address is great but how about directing Twitter users to a personalized Cool Twitter Engagement landing page. This could be the about page or a well-designed page for Twitter users. For a detailed understanding, have a look here.
  • Love the way India Book Store has connected with like-minded people. However, building up the network is a not a big challenge in Twitter. You can use apps such as Followerwonk and Twellow for finding and connecting with like-minded people depending on your preferences.
  • The content shared is helpful but make sure that you don’t share the same on other networks such as Facebook. It does not offer anything new to a fan if she is following on both the networks. So keep the content different and minimize auto posting in all networks.
  • Twitter needs a more active presence so if that increases I am sure that the Twitter community will start booming with time and traffic will flow to the main site too. Just make your 140 characters count.
  • Talking to your community is the best way to grow a healthy Twitter network and India Book Store is doing a great job. So keep it up, talk to your followers on their tweets and engage them on discussions.
  • Recommending people from your community is a great way to show that you care about your community. Follow Friday (#ff) is a cool way but make it customized. For example, you can say you have selected few people from your community as they write good reviews, or talk to you on Twitter, etc. You can be as creative you can be here but make it rational.
  • Monitor your Twitter activity is required so use apps such as Klout, Twoolr to measure and align your Twitter activities according to your objective. However ,Twoolr is free only for the first thirty days.
  • Finally be real, talk to people and respect peoples feedback on Twitter.


I am sure that with time the social media efforts of India Book Store will be fascinating. Animesh, good luck! and do let us know if you need any more help. What are your thoughts on India Book Store’s Twitter engagement with fans, do you have a tip for them?