India Against Corruption Pune On Social Media

India Against Corruption Pune On Social Media


Anna Hazare is the name on every true Indian’s lips. It’s been a week and his fast continues for Indians. We have found a new anthem that is the Anna anthem. The movement this time has spread across all sectors and it is still reaching from metros to non-metros and from cities to rural areas. Whether it is print or television or even social media, the Anna mayhem is everywhere. The movement India Against Corruption (IAC) has created a great influence on social media. Recently AFAQS shared the reach of Anna in a form of an infograph too. However one common thing that I have noticed is that people are still not aware about the events that are happening in individual cities. For e.g. a lot of my friends were not aware of the candle marches created by IAC Pune. So to bridge the gap, this post is out here for all Puneites who can follow the respective social media networks and be updated by the events created by IAC.


Facebook: India Against Corruption is one of the fan pages on Facebook that is roaring day by day. There is an IAC Pune chapter that talks about the movement that is happening in the city. If you are in Pune, then it is the best way to follow this page with the main IAC page too. Like Pune you have a Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai, Singapore, US, etc. chapters. If you really want to follow other chapters along with the Pune Facebook fan page, then a smart idea is to make a list, name it as per your convenience and add all your required pages to it. So next time you want to follow all the happenings, click on the ‘Most recent’ button and select the list that you have created. Facebook Groups have not been missed and the IAC Pune chapter has created a Facebook group that boasts more than ten thousand members. If you are really excited to jump onto this historic movement, then join this open group, interact with the members and ignite the revolution. The group is not only having updates but is spreading all the required information that should not be missed.

Twitter: If Facebook is creating havoc, then Twitter is not behind too. The IAC movement has different Twitter handles as it has on Facebook and for Pune Twitteraties there is a @iacpunemetro by which you can follow all the updates and proceedings in 140 characters. With the above you can also create Twitter streams consisting of keywords such as Pune and Janlokpal. So if you are using apps such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc. then you can easily create them and get curated information. Don’t forget to follow your fellow Puneities on Twitter who are making this movement grow as they will provide you tweets of information that you could have missed.

Blog: The IAC Pune chapter is maintaining a blog and it is trying to keep it updated as possible. The blog has the required information highlights such as the contact persons, links of its social media networks, link for being a volunteer and also how can you register to instant SMS updates. This is one more way of keeping oneself updated, so subscribe for blog posts or follow the blog on Blogspot.

LinkedIn: IAC has reached LinkedIn also in the form of LinkedIn groups which is a great idea. However, the main group of IAC is active but the IAC Pune LinkedIn group is missing that enthusiasm. So if you are allergic to corruption then join this group and make it an active one.

Youtube: IAC has a Youtube brand channel that stands at the rank of 33 for being the most viewed Youtube brand channel in India. The IAC Pune chapter also has a vibrant presence on Youtube with its own brand channel. It has an active presence and you can catch all the videos of the movements that are happening in Pune city. One such video that caught our attention added below is the support for Anna Hazare and IAC Pune at Balgandharw, Deccan, Pune.

[youtube -DbP8x7bvrc 400 300]


If we have missed any other social media network then let us know. Lets join the revolution to fight corruption so that India is a better place to live, for you and for the coming generations.

Jai Hind!