Independent MP, Rajeev Chandrasekhar Launches A.S.K. (Ask Seek Know) Where You Can Question The Government

Independent MP, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has launched A.S.K. (Ask Seek Know), an initiative where citizens can send their questions to the government, by sending them to Rajeev

Rajeev chandrasekhar Ask Seek Know

Do you have a question for the government? Ask and you shall seek. Here’s your chance to A.S.K. (Ask Seek Know) all of them, via Rajeev Chandrasekhar, an Independent Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha. As reported by Medianama, the minister intends to raise citizens’ questions during the monsoon session of the Parliament that begins on August 5, and for this he is using the internet and social media to reach out to the citizens. You can either email your questions or post them on his website or write to Rajeev on his Facebook or Twitter pages.

Rajeev chandrasekhar Ask Seek KnowThe social savvy minister has created a dedicated A.S.K page on his website, that also sports a video where he is seen taking up the issue of ‘Misuse of section 66A of IT act in the Question Hour on December 14, 2012. The A.S.K. page begins with a sermon on citizens democratic rights, whereby he/she can also exercise it beyond voting, by asking questions on matters of policies and programmes by the government.

Voting is not the only instrument that we have in a democracy to demand accountability from the Government. Your ability to influence the political process includes raising your voice in the parliament through your MP who is entitled to ask questions and point to lapses in the implementation of programmes.”

The initiative is being spread with the same message on his social media networks. The Facebook page has been updated with a brand new cover page about A.S.K. with many updates leading to the website. Also, there is an extensive app where you can write to him or know about his activities in the parliament, his views, press speak and more.

On his Twitter handle, you can use the hashtags - #AskParliament and #AskRajeev. Understandably, there is a tweet about the ASK initiative receiving an overwhelming response in the form of messages and mails. With a novel initiative and more than 112K followers on Twitter and another 13K fans on Facebook, A.S.K. will have many takers.

Interestingly, Rajeev also maintains a blog, where you can get to know him better.

Re-elected to the Rajya Sabha from Karnataka state as an Independent MP for a second six year term, Rajeev was supported unanimously by all major political parties and was the only Independent MP to be re-elected in 2012. With his social savvy approach to connect with citizens, we need more ministers like him.