In Conversation With Pradeep Chopra

An article that shares thoughts of Pradeep Chopra CEO of Digital Vidya on Social media, social media marketing,B2B marketing in India, etc.


Pradeep Chopra, Co-Founder of Digital Vidya is someone whom I have followed and known for a while now but hadn’t had the opportunity to talk face to face on social media and the different aspects surrounding it. It was the #watsummit that provided us with the platform. Not only were his talks refreshing and brought a smile on people’s face, the interview was quite cordial too. I enjoyed talking to this very down-to-earth human being who runs one of the biggest social media training houses in India.

Without talking much, here is the entire conversation that I had with Pradeep recently at the WAT Summit.

1. Social Media is Free but Social Media Marketing is not. 

As I have already said, this actually touches on a very important point. Normally people think that Digital is cheap or free except the media buying but when it comes to social media advertising except ads there is anyways not much of  media buying. So people think that it is free but the real value is in when you can engage customers in quality conversations and that only happens when people who understand the nerve of the customer are participating. So as a media, Facebook or Twitter is free but then when you want to use that media even other than media buying the amount and time that is being invested should not be underestimated.

2. Pradeep, haven’t we become very finical about social media marketing - comparing each and everything under the roof of measurability?

The problem is not with social media, the problem is with digital marketing. People who have been doing digital marketing are to be blamed for over selling measurability in the digital medium. So now client says you get us Rs. 110 and take back Rs10. This is possible when you are doing lead generation in SEM but now they are applying the same logic in social media, which is not going to work like that.

3. You have been training people and Digital Vidya  is known for that in India. How has it been?

For us it is now 2 years, close to 90 workshops for 2000 people across India, Singapore and Malaysia. One good thing which has happened is the kind of people that have participated in these events. These people include CXO’s, Head of Marketing, key decision makers, agencies, etc. But what we have seen after every quarter is that the level of understanding is growing and that is really good to notice.

4. What is happening with

We had launched during the last cricketing world cup. The product was loved, got media coverage and also we got lot of investors too. However we realized that we are building a community vs the portals we have in India. For a community to grow you need better user experience and once it reaches to a sizeable place you expect revenue to start generating.  So we faced couple of challenges too with the quality and seasonality of users. What do we do when there is no cricket? So based on all these thought processes, we have moved from cricket, beyond India and changed the name too. So now is which we would be taking across sports, beyond India and we have also raised a good amount of angel investment too. So that’s where we are with the product.

5. Talking about B2B social media, why hasn’t it picked up in comparison to B2C in India?

Yes not much of agencies are doing B2B as there is lack of media buying opportunity because it is very difficult to show the results, as numbers are very less.  Still if you get one lead from B2B, it is worth it but other than that it is very difficult for an agency to offer B2B as a service and be profitable. The second reason what I see is that lot of things in B2C can be outsourced but not in B2B. However we have Evalueserve, which is a great example and there are some other companies, which have used LinkedIn for lead generation too. For example if you see the Linkedin ads, the cost per click is $2 and for Facebook the minimum is 1 cent but for a company which has a deal size for few hundred thousand dollars or more even that much cost is worth it. So social media for B2B exists and there are amazing success stories globally too.

6. Clicks Vs Conversations. Which side you are on?

I would say it is similar to fans and engagement. Number of fans is necessary but not sufficient. Earlier we used to see everyone was running behind number of fans without looking into engagement. Now some are taking the extreme road of it saying we want only engagement without having fans. So as I always say:

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_lhi”]Har friend jaruri hota hai, har fan jaruri hota hai but sufficient nahi hota hai[/pullquote]

Well said Pradeep! It was great talking to you as always. Wishing loads of luck to you, DigitalVidya and in the future.