4 Changes Advertisers Should Know About The Improved Facebook Ads Manager And Power Editor

Facebook is making major improvement to its ad interfaces. Ads Manager and Power Editor tools will be given upgrades to drive measurable business objectives

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Facebook is making major improvement to its ad interfaces, good news for advertisers on the platform. Both Ads Manager and Power Editor tools will be given upgrades that will drive measurable business objectives. “We revamped both Ads Manager and Power Editor to make it easier to create, optimize and monitor ad campaigns. Starting today we’re rolling out updated versions of both tools with simplified layouts and new features, so advertisers can get more value with less effort on each campaign,” Matt Idema, Director of Ads Product Marketing, Facebook said.

Listed below are the four major changes that Facebook advertisers should be aware of. The changes are right now being tested among a small group but very soon will be rolled out to everyone.

1. Inclusion of ad metrics

The web interface of Ads Manager will be much more useful with the integration of ad metrics. Historically Ads Manager has been the single destination for advertisers to create, edit and analyze Facebook ads. However advertisers have fallen short on the reporting aspect. The new changes will bring data directly into the same location where ads are being created and manipulated.

That means advertisers can quickly reference how their ads are performing in the same environment where they create and edit them.

2. Campaigns refined

The Manage Ads section is the Ads Manager homepage and shows the ad account’s spend over the last week. When you click into a campaign, ad set or ad, the graph at the center of the page shows performance, audience and placement results. Advertisers can adjust the date range and filter performance data by ad objective, metric, delivery status and other custom options.

The biggest boon to advertisers is that they can automatically save and send reports at set intervals, so they don’t have to manually run and distribute reports.

3. Bulk editing of ads

Ads Manager also gets the much needed Power Editor type options of bulk edits to the interface. Advertisers can create and edit multiple ads at once too, speeding up the creation and editing process. Bulk editing makes it easy to change the targeting or budget of multiple ads at the same time, and the “Create similar” tool helps advertisers quickly duplicate an ad, ad set or campaign.

4. Power Editor gets facelift

Along with Ads Manager, Power Editor, a browser plugin created by Facebook for large businesses as a way to manage and bulk edit ads gets a facelift. The new version of the tool offers a larger and more functional layout for creating ads, as well as improvements to advanced search and bulk editing, so advertisers can easily find and edit existing ads and create new ones.

Additionally, advertisers can find ads, ad sets or campaigns faster by searching by name or ID or by filtering by delivery status or objective. There are also new “recently edited” and “recently uploaded” filter options, so recent work is easy to find.