IIMC, A 360 Degree Presence on Social Media

IIMC, A 360 Degree Presence on Social Media

In a student’s life, information plays a crucial role essentially when she is deciding her future career path. Connecting with colleges, current students and getting a feel about the college is something a student is always excited about. In the present state, where you have so many colleges sprouting on each and every roof top, information really becomes quite essential. But when an Institute like Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) uses Social media to connect with aspiring, current and ex-students, you are really not surprised. IIMC is an institute which has believed in creating benchmarks. The need of IIMC to adopt social media shows that the institute really wants to reach out. IIMC has made a presence on all relevant social networks that will help it to connect and converse. It’s not about connecting alone; IIMC is flourishing in its social media presence. This makes for a good case study to be followed and incorporated by other educational institutes.

IIMC has displayed its social media networks on the cover page of its website. The website is an informative resource for aspiring students from campus tours to college life to its faculty. The website has handsomely incorporated pictures and videos where it’s justified. For e.g.:’ Center of Excellence’ section on the website has embedded video that has eminent teachers talking. The website itself is an encyclopedia and the remaining corners of gap have been cemented by IIMCs social media presence. Though, one would love those glittering social media buttons to be placed on the top corner of the website which would be more visible.

Social Media presence of IIMC

Blog: A blog is a digital asset and this is clear when one lands on IIMC’s blog- ‘JokaTimes’. The blog neatly informs its readers with the latest buzz about IIMC and it also covers opinions and thoughts from its student community. Undoubtedly, the blog is clean but well positioned with information and required widgets. The blog highlights the details of the clubs that are running in the campus and also about the happening events. The content of the blog has a variety and it’s spiced up by videos of IIMC from Youtube and zooming pictures from Flickr. The Blog deserves a look as words fail us.

Engaged Community on FB

Facebook: A Facebook fan page that has captured 1713 people shows that IIMC is making genuine efforts. Posts are well appreciated by its community as they are helpful and informative. Moreover the content also makes an IIMC student or alumni to be proud of India’s premier management institute.

Even though the fan page has no jazzy look, it goes out to prove that content is what matters most. Additional apps such as ‘Events’ and ‘Network blogs’ app have been used. Though the use of ‘Notes’ needs to be looked upon as the content is redundant compared with the blog app. Facebook Questions and Polls can add a bit more of engagement. Finally if the updates are a little more consistent then it will raise its bar of social presence on Facebook.

Twitter: With 476 tweets till day @iimc has 3056 followers which is commendable.  IIMC has a better hold on Twitter than Facebook based on its number of followers. Nevertheless, the content has been a consistent focus. IIMC is a ‘Socializer’ as said by KLOUT and its influential about topics such as ‘business’, ‘college’, ‘research’, etc.

KLOUT Analysis
Conversing with Community

This data shows that the 140 characters that IIMC is pushing are being appreciated by its community. The 140 characters that are circulating on IIMC’s timeline are informative and helpful too. It’s also making a point to converse with its community.

But we feel that IIMC can be a little more active in engaging when it has a community of 3056 followers. No harm in communicating more with its community and with consistency, IIMC can raise the graph too.



LinkedIn: IIMC has not at all ignored the world’s largest professional network and has a company page on LinkedIn. With 417 employees on LinkedIn, IIMC is gradually growing. A company page is not only important for current students, teachers and alumni but also for aspiring management students. With IIMC being on LinkedIn company pages, job hunters can make their next career move. For e.g. if you are a person who has experience in administrative work then chances are more that you will apply for career opportunities in IIMC after seeing the company insights. But if ‘Products/Services’ can be added by IIMC, then it will be a great way of engaging its LinkedIn community. Even an owned LinkedIn Group of IIMC can be a game changer.

YouTube and Flickr: IIMC is a hub often visited by global thought leaders and management gurus for talks and seminars. Capturing these moments on YouTube is definitely going to be a source of content for a huge number of people. Though the frequency is less but IIMC can engage the existing students body to make it an active event by uploading amazing videos. Can IIMC have a theme contest for Youtube videos? The Flickr profile of IIMC is definitely a colorful one and we are sure that it’s being managed by passionate photographers. One thing that caught our eyes was the awesome high definition clicks added with monthly calendar. It’s really cool and with 1022 views, it’s worth a look.

What can we learn from IIMC?

Social Media is about content first and then everything else.

School, Colleges, Universities etc. should grab Social Media with both hands

Reach out at different active social networks. Chances are that someone may like LinkedIn and others may find Twitter exciting.

Blog should be taken seriously as it’s a digital asset and IIMC scores full marks on it.

Inform and help should be the key to engagement.

What do you think about IIMC social presence? What are your thoughts of education industry embracing the social media? And if you think your school/college/university is also experimenting with social media then let us know too 🙂