iHealthU, India’s First Health Social Network

iHealthU, India's first Health Social Network

I’ve been struggling to manage a daily health routine since some time now. Either I find myself skipping the required water intake or the morning walk and then crib or feel guilty. Surely this is the case with most of us who desire to be fit and healthy. So when I heard about ihealthu.com, it was an instant connect.

iHealthU is India’s first Health Social Network created by Britannia NutriChoice in Jan 2011 with the idea of building a health conscious nation. By being a part of the community, you tend to stick to your health goals as your fellow members, friends, relatives, etc. are all there to motivate you.

What is iHealthU?

A simple sign up page wherein you can choose from any of the 3 health goals: ‘Eat right and lose a little’, ‘Shed kilos 6-8 kgs’ and ‘Shape up’ is all you need to join the network. Also, you can directly login through your Facebook. You are welcomed to play the ‘Game for Health’ which is about dropping bad habits (e.g. waking up late, eating too much junk food)  while picking up good ones (e.g. drink more water, add more fiber to your diet).You can earn badges and points by sticking to your habit combo for one week.

The Game

In addition, you can invite your friends from Gmail or search for friends from iHealthU. You can update your health diary daily and also choose whether to post them on Facebook or not. There are helpful tools to manage your habits and set reminders. If all this is not enough to motivate you, the home page also displays health tips, featured buddies, recent members, incentives for referring a friend, etc.


At ‘Your Health diary’, you can post daily health updates and be part of a 90 day health program. ‘Community’ takes you to a thriving network of exciting health-related contests. Also, here you can connect to the iHealthU Facebook community, refer friends to win goodies, get special health recipes only for members and search for people with similar health goals in your city. Under ‘Magazine’, you could find a variety of articles ranging from ‘Benefits of green tea’ to ‘Diabetic friendly recipes’ which you can share on Facebook, Twitter or Googleplus.


‘Featured Health Diaries’ showcases the best of iHealthU diaries from the community which again can be shared. ‘Check Diabetes’ section not only creates awareness about Diabetes but also provides solutions to live with Diabetes. There are articles featuring recipes especially for Diabetics and a 50% discount on a complete health check up from Thyrocare. In addition, there is a dedicated Facebook community named ‘Hello Diabetes, let’s be friends’.’Refer a Friend’ section tempts you to invite your friends via email and offers exciting goodies as incentives.

Check Diabetes

Facebook Presence of iHealthU

With a Facebook community close to 24,000, the engagement levels are really competing well. With loads of health tips clubbed with cool contests and expert advice from Nutritionist, Neha Chandna in the form of Facebook wall chat has really raised the bar of engagement.

iHealthU FB Page Engagement

‘Hello Diabetes, let’s be friends’ is another Facebook community that concentrates on health and how to keep diabetes away. The engagement has been quite focused and health tips are packed with goodies to be won.

‘Hello Diabetes, let’s be friends’ FB Page Engagement

Apart from health incentives, the campaign also has a fantastic reward model. 52 members of iHealthU will be awarded as the ‘Health Superstars of 2012’. These members will be the face of the brand and be awarded Game For Health kits to keep them active. Besides this, success stories will be featured on ihealthu.com and media over the entire year of 2012.

This sure seems to be a killer engagement model with goodies to be won while also getting healthy! We believe that the concept of creating a health social network like iHealthU is an excellent method of building a community with a specific goal i.e. health in this case. Although the campaign has been launched to introduce Britannia Nutrichoice range of products, it is not an ‘in your face’ one.

Social Media has been used for what it is - to build relationships and grow thriving communities. Pawankumar Sharma, the Campaign Manager while sharing some numbers with us said that the campaign has already garnered around 20,000 active members and an additional 24,000 fans on Facebook and attracting between 1500-2000 sign ups, daily.

These are some of the reasons why I love this concept:

1. The campaign has been designed in line with the objective of creating a health network and does not deviate at any place.

2. The idea of getting health experts for a live chat and to ask your health queries via email is a great bait for pulling in the health conscious and creating some healthy engagement.

3. Providing incentives like gift hampers from the brand is an excellent way of promoting its products and also a smart move to introduce it’s ‘healthy’ range of products to the right target group - a health conscious community.

4. The separation of content for Diabetics is amazing and probably will go a long way in building a support system for them.

5. The idea of being healthy has been broken down into little manageable chunks and the ability to share them with your community via health diaries is great. ‘Featured Health diaries’ is an excellent morale booster in this sense.

We could go on if we wish, however we would prefer to stop here and listen to what you think about this campaign?