If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars, Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ Feature Has 155M Subscribers

Global digital news - Carlsberg in the lead up to Easter created a pop-up bar in London made entirely from chocolate, Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature feature is a resounding success, and more

Change Their Fate: Wildlife Reserves Singapore is running “Change Their Fate”, an outdoor and digital advertising campaign raising awareness of illegal wildlife trade. Bus stops across Singapore were fitted out with digital screens of the Yellow-Crested Cockatoo and the Sunda Pangolin crushed against the screen and struggling feebly for freedom.

Singaporeans challenged to confront wildlife trafficking in interactive mobile story: A campaign by Wildlife Reserves Singapore uses mobile technology, such as the gyrometer and accelerometer, to tell an interactive story of the plight of animals trafficked for the sale of luxury items.

Makeup brands are testing augmented reality to drive conversions: While shopping for a new lipstick on Sephora’s mobile app, customers contemplating whether to buy Marc Jacobs’ Forbidden Berry shade or Stila’s Magenta Plum can see exactly how the colors will look on their faces.

How sponsored content drives more than 60 percent of The Atlantic’s ad revenue: Today, every publisher has some form of native offering. For The Atlantic, sponsored content has proved better ROI than other ad formats. Native advertising is estimated to reach around 75 percent of The Atlantic’s ad revenue this year, up 15 percent from 2015, according to Hayley Romer, senior vice president and publisher for The Atlantic.

Brands aren’t using Facebook Canvas, but Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are: Brands have been relatively slow to pick up on Canvas, Facebook’s mobile ad format that’s been called “Instant Articles for brands.” But there are two other surprising fans of the format. Presidential hopefuls Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz have both made a full-court advertising push using Canvas in the primary season.

If Carlsberg did Chocolate Bars: Carlsberg in the lead up to Easter created a pop-up bar in London made entirely from chocolate. “If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars” appeared as a giant bar of chocolate affixed to the wall of the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch on Wednesday March 23.

The Guardian Own The Weekend: The Guardian’s “Own The Weekend” campaign, launched in 2015, has won recognition at the British Arrows, winning The John Webster Award for best 30 second TV commercial for “Fun Run”. The campaign also includes “Roast” and “Kid’s Party”.

TV-quality live videos are coming to Facebook: Live video on Facebook is about to grow up.The social network, in partnership with several publishers, has developed equipment that will allow publishers to broadcast high-quality live videos, according to sources.

Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature now boasts 60 million daily visitors, 155 million subscribers: Facebook’s nostalgia-driven ‘On This Day’ feature is a resounding success, according to the social network. Introduced a year ago today, ‘On This Day’ shows users older posts, including photos, status updates, and wall posts from a selected date.