Ideas For Bengaluru – Nandan Nilekani’s Social Media Initiative To Connect With Voters In South Bangalore

Nandan Nilekani the congress candidate from South Bangalore for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is using social media quite effectively



Joining the social media bandwagon to connect with voters has been a common practice among politicians for some time but the word ‘effective’ seems to have faded out. However, that is not the case with Nandan Nilekani, a congress candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls from South Bangalore. Nandan who is also the chairman of the Unique Identity Authority of India and a former chief executive of Infosys started his social media efforts three and a half months ago.

Reported initially by ET, the billionaire from Bangalore who is respected in all quarters for his clean image has a Facebook page with more than 176K fans. Twitter right now has more than 56.4K followers.

The numbers are common for any influencer on this medium and could be boosted by ads but what stands out is the way Nandan and his team is informing and connecting with voters on local issues, is gaining attention.

For example the cover page of Facebook talks about “Ideas For Bengaluru.” Updates on Facebook focus on how change can be brought in the city under the hashtag #IdeasforBengaluru and #CityChallenge, how Aadhaar is bringing change in the lives of common man, his thoughts in the form of YouTube videos and initiatives like “Photo of The Week.”

Besides this he also shares his thoughts via his blog, like the latest one being – “Making Auto Transport Work in Bengaluru.” Playlists like ‘Get To Know Nandan’ and ‘Ideas for Bengaluru’ on YouTube goes out to show how Nandan is trying out different mediums to reach out to his audience and making it interesting for the people too.

The support from fans has been tremendous; a cursory glance on the comments reflects the appeal the man draws both online and offline. While some are disappointed with the fact that Nandan chose the Congress party to launch his career in politics but if one goes by his initiatives then he is catching the eyes of the locals in South Bengaluru.

A well thought out and crafted campaign being run by Nandan Nilekani and his team on social media.