Idea Cellular has always been a non-conformist when it comes to its marketing efforts. One of India’s leading telco, Idea has also been in the forefront with its unconventional advertising, be it the ‘Honey Bunny’ viral or the brand’s recent endeavor to build an internet-enabled India with ‘No ullu banaoing’ song.

On the occasion of India’s 68th Independence Day, the telco has released its very own Idea anthem featuring a choir singing – ‘Hum nahi banenge ullu aaj se’. The idea is to reinforce its earlier ‘no ullu banaoing’ campaign towards a mobile driven country.

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the 1.25 minute anthem titled ‘Idea No Ullu Banaoing Anthem TVC’ is hilarious at the best. With lyrics like ‘aadmi kitna shaana ho, chuna lagane wala ho..hum nahi banenge ullu aaj se..ab bajegi unki pungi, I swear’, you can’t watch it with a straight face, especially when the sari and kurta clad women and men sign it so seriously in the well orchestrated choir. Instead of lighting a candle and spreading the light to each member, this choir touches their mobile phone to the other’s, thus freeing the person from being fooled with the power of Idea internet.

Uploaded on the 8th of August, the ad has received close to 8K views at the moment and is slowly rising up the chart. It was released on television on the 10th of August, and as reported will be amplified across TV, radio, digital and social media in the coming weeks. Idea Cellular’s Facebook and Twitter pages have shared the video encouraging the community to watch the new anthem towards an #UlluFreeIndia.

In February, when the telco had launched the ‘no ullu banaoing’ campaign, there were teasers and Twitter contests followed later asking users to share their ‘ullu’ stories. We hope to see something exciting on this new and timely Independence Day brand anthem on social.