Idea Heaven, An Interesting Campaign By Idea Cellular

by Prasant Naidu on May 9, 2022

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Brands need to build communities and not fan base, was a thought I had shared in my article yesterday. I am happy to see that Idea Cellular, one of the leading cellular brands in India is expanding its foot print on digital as well as social too. Idea Heaven, the brand new campaign has been designed keeping in mind the ongoing IPL madness in the country along with their digital partners Law & Kenneth.  The campaign has a heavenly designed website with their brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan along with some beautiful angels being highlighted everywhere. The brand is also using it’s social media presence to spread the word of the campaign.

Idea Heaven Website:

The website lets you enter the heaven designed for you, once you connect with your Facebook account. The site greets you and highlights it’s primary features – “Play H.P.L”, “App Land” and “Life Story Of Prasant”.  Besides this, there are some other features such as “Downloads”, “Heaven T.V” and “My H.P.L Rank”.

Heaven Power League (H.P.L) is a contest for people who eat, drink and talk about cricket. The contest is a set of 5 questions that needs to be answered and if you are lucky, then you could be a part of Sirji’s Dream Team. Being a part of the team, you stand a chance to watch the IPL finals in Chennai with an all expense paid trip by the brand.  The contest also has a leader board which is listing all the contestants with their associated scores. I am yet to score anything due to my poor knowledge about the game.

App Land is a collection of interesting apps that one can install on his or her mobile.  App Land does have some interesting apps such as Mosquito Repellent, etc. The Downloads sections allow you to download wallpapers and Heaven TV is a collection of Youtube videos. Besides this there is a section named as Mera Life Story, which I think will pull my personal data from Facebook. Anyways the section fails to show anything after repeated attempts.

Idea Heaven website

Idea Heaven Social Presence:

Idea, which boasts of having 2.4 million fans on Facebook, has created an Idea Heaven Facebook app. But the app is similar to the one that the main website is having. With the regular set of 5 questions that one needs to answer, you can invite your friends to participate in the contest.  Along with this, do check out the Terms & Conditions section as it details out how winners would be selected and what are the other prizes to be won.

Facebook app

The brand is also using Twitter and Youtube as other social networks to spread the word about the campaign. Twitter is about conversations and promoting the campaign, whereas Youtube has a similar collection of videos that you find in Heaven T.V.

How Cool Is Idea Heaven Campaign:

  • Idea Heaven is a campaign, which is not only perfectly targeted, but it is interesting enough to hold you for longer period. The campaign thinks beyond Facebook and Twitter for creating engagement and looks like it has nailed it to an extent.
  • The site, which has been recently launched, could gear up if it includes some interactive web based games with few more additions to the Download section.
  • Besides this, I was not at all impressed that the website requires a Facebook account to log into the portal. There are people who wouldn’t want to log in or may not be using Facebook. So adding up a few common options of logging in would create more buzzword about the campaign.
  • The Facebook app is also missing the dashboard, which is there on the main site for contestants to check their progress.

Nevertheless the campaign that has been launched to capture the ongoing IPL season is interesting.  So would you give it a spin or will you give it a miss?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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    Very poor execution, my life story video did load and showed me app cropped images from my photo album. Wonder if the app was tested :(

    • Prasant Naidu

      true the mera life story fails to execute at my end after repeated trails :)

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