Idea’s New Ads ‘Go Go Go Go Get Idea. Ah Ha Ha Ha Get Idea’ Get Flak On Social Media

Idea's new ads promoting National Mobile Number Portability have been labelled as irritating, despite being derived from its award-winning campaign 'No Idea Get Idea'


Idea Cellular has unleashed a new set of ads but we aren’t buying into them, too. The highly misleading debacle caused by the telco’s IIN ads earlier this year, is still haunting us. Deceived and misinformed viewers of the IIN ads haven’t given up asking how joining IIN can help them start a bakery or better still build a drone.

This time, the ads are promoting its number portability feature benefits. Telcos in India had announced the availability of National Mobile Number Portability (NMNP) this July. The service allows customers to carry their existing mobile number from one telecom circle to another across India and choose an operator of their choice.

When the intra-circle MNP was rolled out in 2011, a lot many telcos said that they gained more subscribers. Idea Cellular claims to be India’s No. 1 MNP operator with over 14 million Net Gain of customers.

In the new ads for NMNP, Idea is making a song and dance about it, quite literally.

In first ad, a man from Kolkata reaches Kochi railway station only to realise that his phone has no signal. He sings about it, of course in deep frustration. While the sad man sings that he has ‘No Idea’, the nearby Ticket Checker, the coolies, other travellers all join in to sing and dance in chorus – Go Go Go Go Get Idea. Ah ha ha ha Get Idea. The voiceover tells you to ‘Switch to Idea..bina apna number badle’.


In second ad, a girl, probably an aspiring fashion designer has just moved from Alwar into the big city of Delhi. We know it because she sings about it. Her song also describes the pain of multiple bills she’s received and how she’s going to manage all of it. In come the dance troupe of her new office colleagues, all dancing to the now catchy tune – ‘Go Go Go Go Get Idea. Ah Ah Ah Ah Get Idea’.


“No Idea, Get Idea” was made quite popular when Abhishek Bachchan was the face of the brand. In fact, that campaign had won the ‘Best Brand Campaign Award’ at the World Communication Awards 2011. It had also won Effie Gold in the same year.

However, the extra song and dance added to the award-winning tagline hasn’t gone down too well. Shared below are a few of the reactions on Twitter:

The Idea ads have been made by Lowe Lintas & Partners. You can also browse through the YouTube comments left by viewers to gauge the level of irritation caused by the new ads. Idea Cellular, however, is moving ahead unperturbed, on its high growth path.