Hello Honey Bunny All Set To Go Viral!

About Idea Cellular's latest TVC featuring the 'Honey Bunny' song and a look at how it is set to go viral on Youtube

Someone shared a video on my Twitter timeline warning me its going to be addictive and it sure has been. So, if you are still grooving to the Gangnam style, then here’s a much more relatable funny song that is sure to make you go, “Feeling something something, Hello Honey Bunny Honey Bunny, You’re my pumpkin pumpkin Hello Honey Bunny”. If that looks cute, the tune makes it even peppier; you just can’t get it off your mind! Check out the video:

So, what exactly is ‘Hello Honey Bunny’? The tune first featured partly in Idea Cellular’s latest TV ad jingle that is also available as a ringtone. The TVC aims to unite Indians from all parts of the country with a single song. The full song has been released as the above video and given the viewer statistics on it, it is sure to cross Gangnam’s record soon. Having been released only this Friday, the video has already caught up pace with more than 23K views in the last 2 days. Below is the YouTube statistics on the video:

Honey Bunny song YouTube stats

What’s interesting to note is that Idea Cellular has been creating a buzz on its Facebook page a few days prior to releasing the TVC. Fans were asked to guess who or what is a Honey Bunny. In addition, there were many updates with teaser videos that helped in building up the suspense.

It has always been a delight to consume content on the Idea Cellular Facebook page. Since the time we happened to stumble upon its unique content strategy centred around ideas in a weekly set pattern, till this severely addictive song promotion, the Idea Facebook strategy seems to be well aligned. The telecom brand’s intention to create exclusive content for its fans is indeed impressive and would definitely help in building a long term community.

You can’t stop singing ‘Honey Bunny’, can you?