Idea Cellular Engaging Differently On Facebook

A look at Idea Cellular’s content strategy on Facebook where the brand has weaved in the power of ideas into each type of content

A look at Idea Cellular’s content strategy on Facebook where the brand has weaved in the power of ideas into each type of content.

Idea Cellular, called BATATA (From Birla-Tata-AT&T) at one time, has seen a whirlwind of survival in the Indian mobile services market. As per this recent news, Idea is the top pick in a report by AnandRathi on the telecom sector and states that it will have higher earnings in the coming financial years. We do not know what’s playing on in the rapidly evolving space but we can always see what’s happening on their Facebook page.

With a 3.8 million strong community on Facebook, which is nearly similar when compared with other telecom brands, the brand has come a long way in terms of the content that goes out for its fans’ consumption.  In fact, its content is a key differentiator if one were to look at the Facebook pages of other players. I’d been watching the page for quite some time now and was really impressed with the idea behind Idea’s content strategy.

There is a set weekly pattern with every content being centred around an idea, and as they say – An idea can change your life!

Every Monday fans are treated with a number from the Idea Jukebox to drive away their Monday morning blues. These are classic videos from the legends of the 60’s and 70’s, shared from YouTube. This Monday, it was ‘We are the champions’ from Queen, while last Monday it was Metallica’s Nothing else matters.

Tuesdays, there is an Idea Citizen Journalist video being shared from the CNN-IBN CJ program. These are inspiring stories where the brand tries to portray the difference that can be created by a single voice. I was particularly inspired by a woman whose CJ video got a school built in the outskirts of Delhi.

Wednesdays are dedicated to ‘App of the day‘ where the brand will share an amazing app and why is it the app of the day.

Thursdays are for watching the beautiful Idea Frames where the brand will share an amazing photo shared by a fan.

However, I love Fridays at Idea. I always look forward to the ‘Friday moviez’ that are amazing short films, sponsored by Idea. Here’s a short film based on Karma that is certain to scare the daylights out of you:

Saturdays are dedicated to Idea Super Weekends where fans can learn something interesting like how to know the worth of your stamps or how to make a mojito or an origami dinosaur. These videos have been taken from YouTube.

Sundays would appeal to all sports lovers. Every Sunday, you see a mix of videos under ‘Ground Reality Voices‘ where leading cricketers talk about the changing nature of the sport.

Ending thoughts:

Digital properties are cluttered with almost all brands harping on about themselves and adding in the occasional spice with the latest controversy in town. So, this was a refreshing change though all of the stuff other than the Friday short films, have been curated from the internet. Which means fans can find these elsewhere too and might not be interested to engage with this content. Here’s a screenshot of the content from last 7 days, where we can see the engagement driven with respect to the content (data from Unmetric):

The other issue is with having a weekly pattern - this might get humdrum at one point in time. Besides, the content mainly consists of videos and photos, these are known ‘big engagement’ pullers.

Nevertheless, it is a cool thing to align the nature of your content with your brand message - An idea can change your life! What are your thoughts?