How IDBI Federal Is Promoting Its Whole Life Plan On Digital Despite Having No Social Media Presence

IDBI Federal Life has chosen a digital route to promote its latest 'Befikar umar bhar' campaign even when the life insurance brand is not present on social media

Indians look at life insurance mostly as a tax-saving tool. With the financial year coming to an end, every life insurance company in the country is looking to lure eligible tax payers with a suitable life insurance plan, resulting into several life insurance ads bombarded at us through radio, television, digital and print, often making it quite tough to differentiate among brands. One brand has used humour to explain the dual benefits of its plan.

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In the latest campaign for ‘Lifesurance Whole Life’ plan by IDBI Federal Life Insurance, the brand has taken a humorous approach to explain the different roles the whole life plan may play as part of the consumers’ overall financial plan. Taking inspiration from the brand’s promise ‘Befikar, Umar Bhar’, the campaign is powered by an amusing TVC.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather and produced by Corcoise films, the minute-long ad film stars a 35-year-old Mukesh seeking financial advice from his future self.

It starts with Mukesh talking to a IDBI Federal representative, while seated beside two other old versions of Mukesh. Each Mukesh is at a different life stage with a different dilemma about his future and a distinct need, and each has a question. The representative tries to answer all their queries while explaining how the policy will take care of Mukesh and his family throughout his entire life. Laden with humour, the dialogues make for an interesting watch.

Uploaded on the IDBI Federal Lifesurance YouTube channel, the video has garnered over 200K views.

But the challenge was to build awareness on digital. IDBI Life lacked a presence on social media, this however did not stop the insurance brand from leveraging the medium to build awareness for its whole life plan. On the digital front, the campaign explored several ways to reach out to the new age audience, in association with digital agency Social Kinnect.

The campaign took a storytelling and digital content marketing approach using the following ways:

Listicle based Landing Page

The new age consumer wants quick information, not loads of text and huge amount of technical information. So the agency decided to revamp their landing page to appeal to the latest form of content consumption, to be contextual and relevant to the new age audience.

The landing page was revamped from a product based informational content to aspirational, listicle based, mobile responsive content that consumers will relate to and hopefully result in better conversion, considering landing pages increase conversions and have a better conversion rate as opposed to a static web page.

Blogger Outreach

Additionally, the brand launched a blogger contest that invited bloggers to share ‘5 Things on their Bucket List’ which they’d achieve if they would have no constraints on the money front.

Participants need to provide a link back to the landing page and embed the YouTube video on to their blogs, thus helping drive traffic to the landing page and building conversations around the idea of living carefree for whole life – #BefikarUmarBhar.


As listicles are one of the key aspects of user content consumption today, a  storytelling list was created in partnership with ScoopWhoop, one of India’s leading listicle site.

The story titled “10 things you should do now so you won’t regret later” was based on the cue from the YouTube video where the older self advises his confused 35 year old younger self to help him make a sound financial decision.


The campaign has also included emailers specific to the story the video speaks of. One such emailer is based on the similar concept with a letter from the future older self to the younger self giving advice on what he should do in order to live life the way he wants.

No digital presence, no problem!

In this information-driven age fragmented by multiple devices and networks of consumption, a brand needs to be present on every medium possible if it wants to be visible. With the new age consumers’ attention being divided among several information channels, it has become a challenge to reach out to them with your brand communication campaigns. To add to that, if you do not have a presence on social media, reaching out to the ever evolving millenial becomes altogether impossible.

However, for the latest ‘Befikar umar bhar’ campaign, IDBI Federal Life has found ways to overcome its main drawback on digital - no presence on social media. Using an effective combination of landing page, blogger outreach program, listicle stories and emailers, the campaign has managed to garner digital eyeballs as well as some decent brand building.

But a social media presence would have certainly bolstered the campaign’s reach and visibility, apart from building a direct communication line with its existing and potential consumer segment. When other life insurance brands are resorting to extensive storytelling campaigns to break from the clutter in the insurance space, IDBI Federal with no social media presence, risks losing out in the long run.