#FundYourOwnWorth: ICICI Bank looks for wonder women in its new story-driven initiative

Riding on the self-empowering message of investing in oneself, the bank is hoping to promote its Advantage Woman Savings Account which has special offers on skill building, professional certifications, etc.

Marketing to women needs a special touch, demands a stronger proposition, and as always, must win her heart. But, when it comes to a category like personal finance, women are always on the back seat. Women do not feel worthy enough to fund their own goals, often expending all their life savings for their near and dear ones. Higher education for her son, the best insurance package for her daughter, or adding growth funds to her husband’s business venture, these are calls she takes, quiet willingly. Her own dream, not so much!

But, women, just like men, do have personal growth plans. Usually hidden, these fade off as unfulfilled desires, in the face of a larger goal of playing mother, wife, sister and such. One BFSI brand is looking to revive their goals through the power of encouraging stories. Real-life, inspiring, powerful stories of women who funded in themselves and were able to carve a self identity.

ICICI Bank, one of India’s largest private bank, has rolled out #FundYourOwnWorth, an initiative to recognize women who want to invest in themselves and fulfill their goals as well as the society at large. The objective is to promote its enhanced Advantage Women Savings Account that now offers banking benefits and special offers on skill building, professional certifications, health, wellness and lifestyle.

The bank has roped in acclaimed actress Konkona Sen Sharma to spearhead the campaign with a 2-minute digital film where she encourages women to invest in themselves. Sen is seen talking to the camera, as she illustrates how goals are set by men who choose to sail through their lives, in contrast to women who end up creating no value for their own selves, following a life of catering to others’ goals.

The video ends by inviting viewers to the website to read stories of women who inspire us by their attitude, hard work and self-belief. It also call forth nominations for the Advantage Woman Awards.

From the story submissions, the Advantage Woman Awards will select 25 women who have invested in their own self and empowered themselves. They will be selected by a jury of renowned women achievers (Dr. Rashmi Tiwari, Founder & Director of Aahan Tribal Development Foundation; Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, documentary filmmaker and men’s rights activist, Manju Latha Kalanidh, inventor of the Rice Bucket challenge and Rekha Kurup, founder and director of ‘She Stands Tall Project) and will receive the Advantage Woman Award trophy at a grand ceremony in Mumbai.

The top 3 most inspirational women will receive fellowships from ICICI Bank, to fulfill their vision and passion!

FundYourOwnWorth houses all the stories as well as provides a form to enter your story. In addition, it lists the benefits of the Advantage Women Savings Account that can act as an enabler in achieving goals. Participation has been incentivized with a variety of attractive offers - there are participation prizes, early bird prizes and assured prizes of gift vouchers from brands. These offers can be redeemed using ICICI Bank credit, debit card or via internet banking.

The site is a treasure-house of inspiring stories. Shakuntala Nagarkar, folk art performer who at times, has had to perform with hunger gnawing at her stomach. RJ Miruthula, who despite being born in an orthodox household where only the men had a say, went on to become the first girl in her family to graduate, and now regularly highlights the issues faced by women. Shanti Devi, the only female tyre repairer at Sanjay Gandhi Truck Terminus for the last 20 years. Sonal Kapoor, a former advertising and communications professional who founded NGO ‘Protsahan’, which helps in the development of marginalised children through artistry.

Each story is powered by social sharing buttons, including the WhatsApp button, which is mandatory for the smartphone times we live in. The hashtag #FundYourOwnWorth has been pre-filled in all the content, making for social media buzz.

Konkona Sen, along with some of the women achievers have also shared about the initiative with their followers on social media, further spreading the word.

Story-driven. Powerful. Encouraging.

Women need a hand, and that makes all the difference. With #FundYourOwnWorth, ICICI is spearheading the cause of most women looking to carve an identity for themselves. The campaign message is well aligned with the product on offer - a savings account with special benefits for women who want to empower themselves. The choice of Konkona Sen as the face of the campaign is well thought-through just as the call for Advantage Women awards.

Incentivizing the initiative coupled with its empowering message makes #FundYourOwnWorth something to look out for all women and an encouraging platform to share their own stories. Besides, the campaign banks on the power of stories, real life stories go a long way in comparison to televised ad films.

With #FundYourOwnWorth, the bank has not only smartly leveraged storytelling to sell a financial product to women, but also built brand affinity in the process.