ICICI Bank Now Live On Facebook

ICICI Bank is Live On Facebook but the fan page lacks the zing. I think it is late in the game.

Finally ICICI bank, India’s second largest bank joins the social bandwagon by creating a Facebook fan page. Since a few days, tech sites had been releasing subtle press releases of ICICI joining the social media.  So I was looking forward to the real launch. Finally I had the opportunity to see it today and did check out the most talked about Facebook app, since it would allow accessing your bank account via Facebook. So without wasting another moment, let’s check out the fresh look.

ICICI landing page

How cool is ICICI Facebook fan page?

The page has been live from 5th Jan, 2012 and in a period of less than three days, it holds a fan base close to eight thousand. The early engagement has been pretty decent. The content that is being shared is focused more on the deals, as it is pretty obvious because of the weekend.

ICICI Facebook Starts Engagement

The page has multiple tabs, the pick of all these tabs is the ‘Your Bank Account’ tab which lets you access your bank account via Facebook. I was not able to test it because I don’t bank with ICICI but will definitely get it reviewed from someone else. However I would like to debate on - why have a Facebook app in 2012 instead of a mobile app? Hopefully someone listens and we will have a mobile app pretty soon.

Apart from this, all the other tabs do have a fancy look but they all take you away from Facebook to their website. For example, the tab ‘Exclusive Offers’ is a cool looking page but when you want to know more about it, it takes you to the website. Ideally if you are launching yourself on Facebook in 2012, I would have loved it if ICICI could have tried to manage all the operations on Facebook and set a standard for it’s competitors.

The Exclusive Offers Page

I think that ICICI has been late in joining social media but that doesn’t mean it can’t compete with its competitors. The idea of a Facebook app is cool but again as said earlier, I would have loved it if ICICI could have given me a mobile app. So for the moment, this move by ICICI seems to be just another feather in its cap. The reason why I say this is that in 2012 I would prefer to see bigger brands setting benchmarks for others. Right now ICICI falls short but instead of being critical I would like to wait and watch and see how it raises the engagement bar with fans. Acquiring fans won’t be a problem but it would be exciting to see how innovative can the engagement be.

I am done with my thoughts, now over to you. Do share your first reactions about the fan page and what kind of features you would love to have on the ICICI Bank Facebook fan page?