IBM Partners With Real Estate Firm DLF To Provide Analytics On Consumer Shopping Behaviour

IBM has partnered with real estate firm DLF to deploy a mobile phone-based solution to gather insights into behaviour of shoppers at DLF's mall premises

DLF_Promenade_Mall delhi IBM

DLF_Promenade_Mall delhi IBM

In this mobile first world, understanding behaviour patterns and providing services on the go to the customers is the immediate concern for marketers. Seeing this an opportunity IBM has decided to provide offline shopping behaviour patterns to real estate giant DLF.

According to reports, technology giant IBM has partnered with real estate firm DLF to deploy a mobile phone-based solution to gather insights into behaviour of shoppers at the latter’s mall premises. According to the partnership, the solution that would be deployed at high-end shopping mall DLF Promenade located in the capital, will perform real-time analytics to convert data gathered from shopper’s movements in the mall to provide meaningful interactions for the opted in smartphone users.

The service that assures of not disclosing financial details leverages Wi-Fi sensor routers to determine the location of the user and their proximity to the store, allowing customers who have signed up for the mobile app to gain access to preferential services or discounted goods based on the shopping preferences and past behaviour they have put into the tool.

For example if you walk into the food court you might get notifications of deals on eateries or if you pass by gadget stores you will get real time info of new products in stores. For that matter it also reminds of your favourite perfume brand that has launched a new collection that you might have bought last month or didn’t for some reason.

At the back end, even though the app is not disclosing financial details, the collected behavior data, shopping patterns of customers are valuable insights to businesses at the mall. Finding value in these insights, 25 businesses in the mall have already opted for it.

While DLF Promenade Senior Vice President and Mall Head Dinaz Madhukar is excited about the new avenue to connect with customers, the IBM research India director Ramesh Gopinath is stressing that this engagement will not only increase sales but also provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.

With predictions that the number of smartphone users in urban India will cross 104 million in 2014 compared with 51 million users in 2013 and the rampant explosion of shopping malls in metros & tier II cities, this trend should be an exciting avenue for both the shopping mall owners and business owners.

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