ibis Rebrands With A Pillow Fight Party On Facebook

A look at the ibis virtual pillow fight party on Facebook, as the hotel brand launches with a new set of hotels targeted at different segments across the Asia-Pacific region


A look at the ibis virtual pillow fight party on Facebook, as the hotel brand launches with a new set of hotels targeted at different segments across the Asia-Pacific region.

French hotel group Accor owned ibis brand family of economy hotels has entered a new era by launching 3 complimentary brands focusing on well-being, ultimate comfort and high level of service at the best price. As a part of its new global rebranding campaign marking the new era, Ibis has launched the world’s biggest virtual pillow fight on its Facebook page. ((Source: Best media info))

Interestingly, the virtual pillow fight has been inspired by the brand’s logo - a pillow and is designed to let fans discover the new ibis family of hotels in a fun way. The top 10 scorers will win a 3-night stay at a select ibis family hotel. Well, I had a lot of fun throwing virtual pillows but winning the game requires loads of interaction with my Facebook friends!

You can start the pillow fight through the Facebook application on the Ibis page called ‘ibis Pillow Fight Party’. The contest is exclusively open to fans of ibis so ‘like’ the page before you begin throwing pillows. Click ‘play now’ to get started. There are 4 steps to the game: In step 1, choose a pillow from a set of 3 coloured pillows and the fun stuffing for it - fairy dust, cotton candy, magical beans, chocolate flakes, etc. In step 2, select a friend from your Facebook friends list.

Step 3 displays an array of messages you want to send to your friend. You can select funky messages like “How about a pillow fight.. Facebook style!” or something that talks about ibis hotels. You also have the option to write your own personalised message. The last step is to throw the pillow i.e. a message is sent to your friend!

For every pillow thrown, you get a point too and for every pillow thrown back at you, you get 2 points! That, however, does not mean that you can keep throwing pillows and score. There are some ground rules that govern this Facebook pillow fight. You can only throw one pillow at a time at your friends. And you can throw another pillow at the same friend only if she has thrown a pillow at you before.

In addition, there are mystery pillows every week that can reward you with a hotel stay!

Post all the pillow throwing, the app displays your score, a list of friends who have thrown pillows at you and a list of friends whom you have thrown pillows at.  Below is the hall of fame with Top Scorers that is refreshed every half hour. You can challenge any of them to a pillow fight. Still below, there are 3 scoreboards - Most pillows thrown, Most pillows received and longest pillow fight between two people.

You can share this app on your Facebook wall or play the game again.

How cool is the ibis pillow fight party?

In one word, it rocks! The pillow signifies the brand and with the gamification of the virtual pillow fight on Facebook, the brand has leveraged the social network to its maximum best. Besides being perfectly aligned to its objective of rebranding and the choice of medium, it has spent a good amount of time on the drawing board. Cool design and layout, ample explanation of the game coupled with  the fun element at every stage added the required spices. But best of all is the incentive for the fan. Free stays at the ibis hotels helps the brand in more ways than one.

There are 7 ibis hotels in India, so start throwing your pillows soon!