IAS Officer Durga Shakti Nagpal’s Suspension Gains Strength From Social Media Too

IAS Officer Durga Shakti Nagpal was suspended by the SP government in UP on the grounds that are not true. The IAS officer is getting good support from social media by netizens


A 28 year old IAS officer’s suspension has created a new nightmare for the Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh. Durga Shakti Nagpal, an IAS officer of the 2010 cadre has been suspended recently for demolishing the wall of a religious structure, which was motivated to lead riots in the region.


However, as reported by TOI, the reports submitted by the DM states that Durga Nagpal, the sub-divisional magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar never demolished the wall of any religious structure. In fact the IAS officer was asked to visit Kadalpur village, where illegal construction activities were being carried out on government land, and settle the matter amicably.

The residents of the village were then asked to either seek permission for the construction of a religious structure, as per the governing rules, or dismantle the illegally constructed parts. Kadalpur village residents chose to dismantle the illegal construction of their own volition. The report also states that there was no communal tension or the possibility of any clashes between religious communities.

News reports have also suggested that the suspension which happened on a Sunday morning is due to Durga’s taking action against corruption and launching a massive drive against illegal sand mining within her jurisdiction of Gautam Budh Nagar. It is being said that a senior Samajwadi Party Lok Sabha aspirant controls the bulk of the sand mining activities in the area and the massive crackdown affected his business.

The suspension has resulted in backlash against the state government’s order and there has been a growing demand for her suspension to be revoked by netizens on social media, to the opposition political parties and IAS Officers’ associations.

Support from social media for Durga Shakti Nagpal

Facebook has seen the creation of many support pages for the IAS officer. The one which has seen more attraction based on the fan count is – Support Durga Shakti Nagpal. The page has got more than 3.5K fan following and is updating fans about the developments in the case.

In fact another page Durga Shakti Nagpal with more than 2500 fans is doing good too. Most of the conversations are in Hindi and English with the intent of informing people about the case, why she was suspended, etc.

Twitter has seen conversations around her for some time now but today it has taken more momentum. While writing this article keywords like – Durga Shakti Nagpal, Narendra Bhati and IAS have been trending on the India top trends.

The suspension is based on flimsy grounds, as has surfaced after a video in which a SP leader brags that he got the IAS officer suspended in 41 minutes. The video is the reason why Narendra Bhati is trending since this morning.

The UPA government has said that it would do justice but it would be interesting to see if it goes against SP considering the political proximity.

But for now the support for the brave IAS officer who is duty-bound to save the environment, continues to grow.