‘I Am In – dna of India’: A People-Powered Platform For Better Governance By Zee Media Corp

Zee Media Corporation has launched 'I Am In – dna of India' where people can report news from their areas. It is India’s first multilingual, hyper-local, pan-India digital platform powered by people

ZEE Media has launched an online platform to enable citizens to bring about a change – “I Am In – dna of India.” The campaign that apparently takes its inspiration from Gandhi’s quote that one must be the change they wish to see in the world, will give power to the people to be vocal about local issues, to report news, connect with governance representatives and like-minded fellow citizens and more.

As reported by DNA, ZEE Media Corp will launch 500+ social platforms that will help you report news from your areas. Touted to be India’s first multilingual, hyper-local, pan-India digital platform, “I Am IN” will have more than 500 local circles and neighbourhoods across the country, enabling people to subscribe to and engage with others in their locality, who feel passionately about local issues and want to do something about it.

I_Am_In_Dna_of_indiaOne can either be a volunteer for their locality/neighbourhood and be the face of the community, or be an Active Citizen by signing up, staying informed and helping their community find solutions to problems. One has to give a Citizen DNA Test, fill a volunteer application form and collect support to begin with.

The site has garnered 1781 volunteer applicants out of which 357 have been shortlisted. Based on how informed and involved are you, the Citizen DNA test will give you badges like – Neta Material, Swayam Sevak, Kranti Kaari, Adarsh Nagrik, or else there’s Bol Bachchan, Mauj Masti, and Full Enthu too.

One can volunteer in many ways:

- help educate people about their rights, or direct them to local resources that they not be aware of.

- write for the platform or share a local issue that needs to be debated and discussed.

- connect people reporting an issue with others who are willing to lend support.

- report local news from local media and help get national visibility.

- recruit members on their local community page. create action groups.

Sharing the idea behind the initiative, Dr Bhaskar Das, Group CEO, Zee Media Corp said “The power of hundreds of hyperlocal networks, each made of thousands of people, all of who act in a focused manner to improve their locality can surely bring the much needed qualitative change in our country. “

‘I Am In’ has an active presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page has garnered 8.5K+ fans and is encouraging fans to get involved in the initiative through various contests, informative tips and sharing the latest updates of the campaign. The Twitter handle is also building enthusiasm by running contests and shares content similar to Facebook. Recently, it ran #IfIWerePM contest, where one could win merchandise.

A people-powered platform leveraging the power of unity and technology is the road to better governance. Unlike Zee’s ‘I Am In’, publishing giant Times Of India’s ‘I Lead India’ campaign is seeking to create a Youth Brigade that will help bring change at the grassroots level. A team of 5 works to solve the critical issues in their cities.