Hyundai Celebrates With ‘A Million Fans Of Brilliance’ On Facebook

A look at Hyundai India's one million fan celebrations on Facebook with a specially designed contest app


The second largest car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter from India, Hyundai Motors India Ltd has commenced the new year with a major achievement on its Facebook page. Created only last year, the Hyundai India Facebook page has garnered a fan base of a million fans with the 18-24 years age group category being the most popular. The car brand is celebrating the milestone with a two-week long contest, that had started on 31st December 2012.

The contest ‘A million fans of brilliance‘ has been hosted on a Facebook app, where fans can win MP3 players every week for an answer to the question ‘Why they are one in a million?’ Every week five winners with the best answers will be chosen by a jury.


The app takes the necessary permissions once you click on enter, before welcoming you with a screen that resembles the image above. As part of the introduction presentation, a message hovers for a few seconds above each of the text instructing you how to go about with the app.

Each of the million fans have been embedded within the Hyundai logo, which can be panned across after you zoom in. You can locate yourself too if you pan the area marked in blue under ‘You are here’. Fans can participate through the ‘contest’ link and answer within 140 characters as to why they are one in a million.

The app also provides with an option to create a Facebook cover page, a wallpaper or a mobile wallpaper, featuring you against the million fans of brilliance poster. The contest can be shared on the wall.

I’m impressed with the app design and execution. Although a simple idea, the ‘A million fans of brilliance’ contest seems to have been given a good thought to. Zooming in to the brand logo to find yourself, helps bring a sense of belonging-ness with the brand, which most brands miss out on!

Last year, quite a number of brands reached the one million milestone but every brand had a different way to celebrate. From a million thank you’s to providing incentives through contests to creating a song crowdsourced from the Facebook community, we saw many brands keen to appreciate and promote the achievement. This year, we hope to see brands indulging in unique ways to keep its community engaged as well as interested in its products or services.