Hyundai’s Social Media Strategy For Auto Expo 2012

Hyundai’s Social Media Strategy For Auto Expo 2012

The 11th Auto Expo, 2012 in Delhi is catching the attention of media for two reasons: one it is the hottest launch pad for national and international auto giants and second is the use of social media by auto brands to create the buzz and engagement of the event and their product launches. We recently wrote about how MINI India, KTM India and Triumph India joined the bandwagon but failed to create any excitement for us on social media. Thankfully Hyundai doesn’t disappoint and makes me really excited about the whole strategy that has been planned around this event.


‘Hyundai Digital Jockey’ is an amazing contest where Hyundai has invited fans to tell them why they should be chosen as their digital jockey or in other words the Hyundai ambassadors for the event. Already two jockeys, Desi Doodle and Auto Mandava have been selected as the digital jockeys and they are out there in action sharing the juicy bits from the Auto Expo. One of the updates can be seen below:

Hyundai India


Now if you are wondering how you can become the third jockey then click here. Before you nominate yourself, check this cool snap shot which highlights the pre-requisites for a Hyundai Digital Jockey.

Hyundai Facebook


If you think you are the one then fill the form or just tweet your entries with #DigitalJockeys. Not only do you stand a chance to glow in the limelight of cars and models during the event, you also take an iPAD2 home. Now isn’t that a real cool campaign?

Along with the Digital Jockey competition, you can also take part in the ‘Hyundai Auto Challenge’ if you are a gaming freak like me. However, the game failed to run on Chrome at my end so not sure how it is working at your end. Hyundai has also made sure that it brings all the live action from the event for fans who are not able to make it to the event. So if you have good Internet speed then you can catch all the action live while updating your status message on Facebook.

Now this what I call an impressive social media strategy that raises the bar of engagement with fans. All the initiatives that Hyundai has taken are well thought of and those that come up with brilliant and simple thinking.


Highlights of the campaign

1. The Digital Jockey initiative not only breaks the traditional mould of reporters describing an event but also gives fans a chance to speak up and be with their favorite brand.

2. Although the live coverage of the offline event on Facebook is not a new idea, it is a very needful one. It will not only make fans happy but spread the buzz too.

3. Adding the goodies quotient and blending the Facebook content with Twitter hashtags is common but well used.


I think this is one of those well-thought of and simply designed campaigns around the event. Hyundai has made sure to include all elements of social with this campaign, don’t you think so?