Hycku, A Nano Blogging Service[AppReview]

Hycku, A Nano Blogging Service[AppReview]

Status update is one of the basic features of most of the social networks. Reason being we love to express and tell our friends what are we up to or feeling like. And expressing has always been a challenge in the 140 characters world. Well if you are one of them who wants to make her status updates count with bit more word capacity then ‘Hycku’ is the answer.

What is Hycku?

You must be wondering that it sounds similar to ‘Haiku’, Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven and five, traditionally expressing images of natural world. Then yes, Vasanth V, creator of Hycku has developed this new platform similar to Haiku. As a user when you log into the system, you are asked to share your feelings in terms of ‘What’s up’. The world limit is 255 but you can only share seven words in a status message. Apart from this you can send private messages to 20 followers at a given time, you can also share one image with a message and links too. However, if you share a link then you can only share six words in a message. Sharing your status message on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is enabled. The image below reveals the look of status message in Hycku.

Status Update

Hycku also provides a ‘Timeline’ with features such as ‘Private’ and ‘Public’ streams of your status messages respectively. Adding friends is simple and you can check about your Followers and Followings by going into your profile page. The profile setup and the settings are simple and basic at the moment.

User Profile

Hycku which is a newly launched service is trying to register its footprints. Though Hycku at various places resembles Twitter but its’ greater character limit and restricting users with seven words is attractive. However saying that like all other new born startups Hycku will also face the same challenge of finding out ways for reaching out to masses and building an active user base. Apart from that the Hycku needs some more features to make it cool which are as follows:

1. Showing new notifications in Hycku itself rather than emails.

2. Displaying replies and discussions in a thread form.

3. Adding url shortener service and a way to add multiple images. It will also be great where one could display all the images it has shared in a collage form to her friends.

4. When messages are being shared on other networks they are not attractive, can we have a better display of message so that others get excited to click.

5. Finally going ahead, providing analytical data like displaying all my month’s status message, how creative or funny I was, how many friends added me,  how many did I add, etc. could add more fun to Hycku.

I believe Vasanth might be working on the listed features that I have shared but will try to get in touch and find out how he is maneuvering Hycku. Till then, try out this new platform Hycku which looks cool and share your thoughts in the below comments section.

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