HUL’s Project Sunlight Brings #SunlightLivingChallenge To India

Taking Project Sunlight ahead, Hindustan Unilever has launched the ‘Sunlight Living Challenge' where 10 Mumbai kids and their families will come up with fresh ideas to save water

unilever sunlight lving challenge

It is no secret that the natural resources of our world are dwindling away as we begin to experience a sense of doom day by day. As the world moves towards a more responsible and sustainable way of living, FMCG major, Unilever is also moving ahead in its long-term sustainability initiative ‘Project Sunlight’.

Launched last November on Universal Children’s Day, in Brazil, India, Indonesia, the UK and the US, ‘Project Sunlight’ is designed to motivate people, in particular parents, to look at the possibilities of a world where everyone lives within the natural limits of the planet. The initiative has an online presence that showcases the social good brought about by the Unilever array of brands across the globe, in addition to acting as a hub for people to join in the movement towards sustainable living.

Taking the movement forward, Unilever has now launched the ‘Sunlight Living Challenge’ – where the young and old join together for fun activities while taking small, positive steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Based on the insight that children have a powerful influence in changing their parents’ behaviour and getting them to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, this challenge will be solely driven by children.

Unilever has also launched a new film “The Way Kids See It” that tells the stories of children who are already actively working towards sustainable living. For the ‘Sunlight Living Challenge’, 10 children from Mumbai and their families will create awareness on saving water and spread innovative solutions to conserve it.

The challenge, more like a reality show, will see the children and their families come up with fresh ideas to save water. Hosted by actress Mini Mathur, the challenge is already creating some buzz on social media. This 3-minute video introduces each of the kids and what they think about  the importance of water conservation.

The challenge is being driven through social media. HUL’s Facebook and Twitter pages have been actively sharing the video and doing their bit in getting people to talk about sustainability and bright future.

Leveraging social to connect

Brands are going green globally. While some of them in the high-polluting industries have been forced to clean up their act, a few others are in it for the positive brand leverage it gains for them. An FMCG major like HUL has a plethora of brands in personal care, nutrition, hygiene, basically most of the products we consume throughout the day and night, and hence bringing about a small change in our lifestyles will go a long way towards conservation of water and other natural resources.

Aside from the CSR activities founded by the sub brands and the HUL Foundation, initiatives like the ‘Project Sunlight’ will help boost the company’s vision towards sustainable living, in addition to positive branding. And now with the ‘Sunlight Living Challenge’ coming to India, the brand’s message will spread through social connections, and easily reach out to the end consumers.

But, for any kind of change that creates a substantial impact on the future generations, the brand would have look for small changes in its production process, as well as in its branding. A lot many HUL brands advertise through stereotypes and have long been criticized. HUL would need to completely overhaul its branding at all levels, if it seeks a responsible image through its sustainability drive.