Dalmia Continental Launches An Interactive Video For Hudson Canola, Viewers Decide The Story

Dalmia Continental, makers of Hudson Canola Oil, has launched an interactive YouTube video series “Cooking with Love”, where the viewer decides for the protagonist and thus reaches a conclusion of their choice

Hudson Canola oil

Dalmia Continental, makers of Hudson Canola Oil have embarked on a video marketing strategy to promote the canola oil amongst the digitally savvy, health conscious, modern Indian consumer. The brand has launched an interactive YouTube video series called “Cooking with Love”, where the viewer decides for the protagonist and thus reaches a conclusion of their choice.

Conceptualized and produced by digital marketing company, Drizzlin Media, the video is an interactive one that tells the story of Yash, a forgetful husband who has forgotten his anniversary and is desperate to make up to his wife. Yash is seen talking to the viewer and asking for their suggestions to help him cook his way back into her heart by choosing the right options.

Yash is trying to seek forgiveness from his wife by cooking a romantic meal for her while the viewer is required to help him cook the meal. It’s up to the viewer to decide what Yash should or should not do. Each video is linked to two possibilities and the viewer gets to choose what comes next, unfolding the story in multiple ways.

With an interlinked loop of 13 videos, there is a range of possibilities from which the viewers can choose. And if the viewer would like to start all over again, exploring another possibility, the same would lead to a completely different storyline, adding to the depth of interaction the viewer has with the videos.

I interacted with the video, but the interactivity features didn’t work on the video in Mozilla Firefox. But, it did work in IE 11, and Chrome and it was cool. I chose potatoes over flour, and made Yash prepare the aloo mutter dish - a favourite of his wife. But he cut up his finger while chopping the potatoes with a knife. I could then make him start all over again or beg for mercy from his wife! Next I made him bake a nice chocolate cake.

The interactive video is being promoted through the brand’s Facebook page, inviting fans to help decide the story of Yash.

The age of interactive videos

Apart from bringing in a creative engagement with the target consumer, “Cooking with love” has also paved the path for interactive videos in the country. The new-ness brought about by an interactive video will help it stand out from the regular product commercial film, while the brand can mould a story around its product.

However, the storytelling can be more product-inclusive along the way in the video series. The video story can include the health benefits of Canola oil and how it has become the world’s leading heart-care oil, by incorporating that into Yash’s story. At the moment, the interactive video series is a fun, light-hearted one-time watch.

Interactive videos are not a unique idea though. Earlier, we’d seen an entire workout video being made interactive so that the viewer has the power choose what fitness regime to watch next. Ecommerce brand, Jabong and sports brand, PUMA had created an interactive video starring Chitrangda Singh as part of a digital fitness campaign ‘Gear up buddies’ to promote the sports brand’s fitness wear last year. Nearly 26 minutes long, the interactive video had over 1700 annotations, that also made it the first ever ‘most annotated YouTube video’ by a brand. The viewer chose what to learn from running, zumba and crossfit, while Chitrangda and her fitness buddies presented the brand’s fitness gear.