Hrithik To Live Video Chat For Krrish 3 On Facebook, But #Krrish3firstlook Wall Not Yet Broken

Hrithik Roshan will do a live Facebook video chat for his upcoming superhero movie 'Krrish 3', while #Krrish3firstlook Twitter campaign is still on


Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming superhero movie Krrish 3 has an ambitious social media strategy. As per this article in the Times of India, the actor will unveil the movie’s first look motion poster today at 3 pm via a live video chat on Facebook. This will then be followed by an unveiling on photo-sharing network Instagram at the handle @hrithikroshan. The live video chat will be streamed simultaneously across the Facebook pages of the actor, the Krrish 3 movie page along with the fan pages of Bollywood Hungama and Bollywood on Facebook.

Claiming this to be the largest social media campaign for a Bollywood movie, Hungama Digital Media plans to reach over 50 million people on the first day of launch. But, what caught my eyes is Hrithik’s statement on the power of social media “I’m a huge believer in the power of social media as it directly involves our fans and supporters, and for a movie such as Krrish 3 it takes the experience to the next level.”

Here is the Facebook app for the live video chat scheduled at 3pm. A lot of his fans are checking in and chatting with each other, even as I write this. The app lets you check in and also invite your friends. You can put your questions to Hrithik with #Krrish3.Krrish3_live_video_chat

Being an admirer of Hrithik Roshan for his pure determination and self belief, I’m really looking forward to his superhero movie “Krrish3’ and this much awaited digital motion poster. Three days back, a Twitter campaign had asked for tweets, claiming that the virtual wall hiding the first look movie poster will break with the rising number of tweets powered by the hashtag #Krrish3firstlook. Despite trending in the top India trends for the major part of the last few days, the virtual wall has still not broken. The microsite does not state the number of tweets required to break each brick of the wall. It has, however, managed to successfully create worldwide buzz for its first look!

This seems to be a clever attempt at increasing visibility. First the Twitter campaign asking users to tweet to unveil the movie poster and then a live Facebook video chat with the star. Still, it makes me wonder if better execution in the Twitter campaign could have set a benchmark in the movie industry.